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Calculator Pricing Tables

You can see your calculator pricing tables for different target groups.

CALC FREEfree calculator package for each user$0

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  • max. 1 free calculator
  • max. 3 input/1 output field
  • operations visible in source code
  • no mobile template/ responsive
  • static design
  • adds on included calculator iframe
  • Integration external IFRAME, no own content
  • Copyright and nofollow backlink to our website

CALC PREMIUMoptimized for small companies or freelancers$98

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  • one-time-fee
  • max. 10 input/output fields
  • maximum of 1 online premium calculator *
  • hidden operation variables in source code
  • premium responsive template
  • flexible design options
  • calculator can be integrated with own source code into each html page
  • no copyright and nofollow link our site
  • optional: logging of user input data (for user or inquiry tracking)
  • optional: integration of your calculator into our mobile application

*,** You have to design and to administrate your calculator by yourself (some HTML & Javascript knowledge assumed).