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Calculator: Use Lead Magnets for a successful Online Marketing Strategy

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Every company that operates both online and offline relies on direct contact with its potential customers. The customer acquisition process usually consists of several steps. A strong lead magnet facilitates the sales process and at the same time builds trust between the future customer and the company offering its services. Well-converting sales funnels or optimized click funnels prepare for future sales by positively attuning the customer's way of thinking to the sale.

The right lead magnet, usually a free, attractive product, is a marketing tool designed to motivate the buyer to make direct contact with the supplier. Correctly used, the prospective customer voluntarily gives his contact data, expects however in response also an immediate action or better still, an immediate solution of his specific problem.

A strong lead magnet, implemented in a professionally and visually appealing manner, is the trust-building bridge between customers and companies. In a sales funnel, the free offer, aka “freebie” is usually the first level or the entry into the sales process.

The free offer itself does not necessarily have to be directly related to the supplier's product range. However, it must solve the specific problem of the target group in order to represent a high value for the target group and to stand out from the competition.

The world of lead magnets - colourful, diverse and creative

The type of lead magnet can be very different and depends on the problem of the target group to be solved and the expertise of the company. There are the following types:

  • Checklists as PDF files

  • eBooks or audio books

  • free coaching sessions or webinar participation

  • vouchers

  • Online Learning Courses

  • Sales material, free samples

  • Software download as trial offer

  • ready designed infographics

  • assessment results

The offer should be extremely attractive - like a magnet

But how does the company find the optimal lead magnet that attracts and irresistibly affects the customer, who has the potential to generate and maximize sales? Just follow some simple rules for the perfect offering:

  • The target group must be defined clearly and precisely. The more detailed the company has analysed its target customer, the better the lead magnet will convert.

  • An immediate action must be triggered. The customer wants his problem solved immediately. He doesn't want to be introduced to his problem solution by tons of e-mails. The solution must be fast, efficient and of added value. The customer thereby gains confidence into the expert’s performance.

  • The offer should be just as specific as the target group. The advantage - the solution for the customer - must be shown precisely and concretely. The advantage should already be clearly visible in the title.

  • The path within the sales funnel should be simple and well structured. The technology should work. Nothing frustrates potential future customers more than if the promised freebie is not delivered in exchange for the e-mail.

  • The solution offered must be unique and presented individually. The following applies: One solution per lead magnet.

  • Deliver only top quality. The lead magnet should generate future customer loyalty on a sustainable basis. The goal is to build trust between customers and companies. Anyone who fails here and, for example, presents bad pictures in the sales funnel or publishes texts with spelling mistakes, will lose the leads gained very quickly. The lead magnet gives conclusions on the actual way the company works and is a calling card for professionalism.

  • Technically: the page load time should be very low to achieve better CTR (click rates), a higher retention time and more traffic. This includes that no large high-resolution photos should be used (images maximum 80KB). Furthermore, the meta-description in the search result should make you curious and motivate you to click (see also structured data).

Calculators or tests - what attracts customers?

Both the calculator and interesting tests or infographics are effective and strong customer loyalty magnets. Especially industries that are heavily dependent on new leads like to use a calculator as a tool to generate valuable leads.

Calculators can be used in almost all industries and lure customers into direct interaction with the company. Fast, simple and efficient.

Everyone who has ever browsed real estate websites has probably come across real estate calculators. After submitting the email address, the future house buyer receives a calculation about how much money he can invest for his house.

There are no limits to your imagination here. Companies that sell physical products, such as windows, prints on cups or floor coverings, also benefit from calculators. The customer's purchase decision is considerably simplified by a high-quality calculator.

A test is also an excellent tool for customer retention and lead generation. The test can be tailored to the target group in a very detailed way. Just as with the calculator, the company receives further information about the customer.

By answering personal questions in a test, the customer's problem can be narrowed down precisely.

By using an online calculator, a company that sells pool covers will knowvin great detail what the future pool cover should look like by receiving the potential customer’s exact dimensions and can create a 100% suitable offer according to the lock-and-key principle.

Thus, it is always a question of establishing a relationship with the customer (Relationship Builder Sequence, RBS).

Use an optimized sales funnel to generate leads

A sales funnel is a common online marketing model for consumers and companies. This sales funnel illustrates the buying process for a product or service. The sales process is divided into several sub-steps and describes the chain from the first customer contact to the successful conclusion of the sale. The so-called blockchain technology also records the payment method that follows the transaction.

As already mentioned, the lead magnet is usually the entry into a digital sales process. Here, the potential customer is guided through a so-called sales funnel in order to carry out an action, namely a purchase or registration, at the end of the sales process.

In exchange for the free calculation of the real estate value, the real estate agent receives the e-mail address of a real estate seller. This sales funnel is therefore a classic opt-in funnel. The digital sales process is fully automated, with the focus solely on generating email addresses of potential home sellers.

What is important, however, and this applies to all lead magnets, is that the customer is provided with a real, comprehensible and relevant added value that solves a customer’s problem, which he can only solve elsewhere with difficulty and effort. In the case of the real estate seller, the seller receives a value calculation of his house quickly and without having to actively pick up the phone.

As soon as the real estate agent now has the e-mail address of the seller, an already created e-mail marketing process starts. In the course of the process, which is handled automatically within the sales funnel, the house seller builds trust in the real estate agent and positions himself as a serious and reliable expert.

The potential customer is repeatedly informed by e-mail with attractive additional information until, in the best case, he buys the paid product or takes part in the seminar or similar.

In our example, the perfect sales funnel finally consists only of 4 components (Maximum):

  • Landing page with calculator and entry form for the e-mail address

  • “Thank you”- page after successfully entering the email address.

  • Then the e-mail autoresponder sequence starts with the sales offers.

  • If necessary, further upsells (additional sales with successful initial order) possibilities to increase the Customer Lifetime Value (customer value).

Online marketing hint: You can also use Facebook Ads Retargeting to get users who have read your offer but have not yet purchased your product or service.

Calculations of click funnel transfer rates

To reduce the loss of visitors between the individual levels

"Visit => Click => Lead => Qualified Lead => Sale => Upsell",

the so-called transfer rates are calculated using the formula "Percentage share of level n divided by share of level n-1". Use the calculator above to find out your individual transfer rates.

What is the long-term revenue of a customer (CLV)?

In order to estimate the financial value of a customer (customer value analysis), the customer lifetime value (CLV) after the complete customer journey (path to intitial sale) is calculated in our CLV calculator. Of course, this always depends on the customer relationship and the respective situation of the customer.

Are you ready for your perfect sales funnel test?

Use the lead test list above to check whether you have really integrated all elements for a successful sales launch on your homepage and optimize your advertising costs with the lead cost calculator above.

How to create an individual online calculator

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