Animals Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice animals calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

How many calories does a dog need?

Opinions about a dog's diet differ about as much as they do about political issues. Whether you reach for ready-made food, cook it yourself or serve only raw meat should be up to each dog owner. </pTopics: Animals, Pets, Animal Health | Status: free to use

Cat diabetes food calculator

For the calculation of carbohydrates in wet or dry feed specification in % in dry matter (KH % i.Tr.) Suitable feeds should have less than 10% KH.Topics: Animals, Pets, Cats | Status: free to use

Calculate size of dog transport box

Calculate calculate dog sizes,  dog transport

Here you calculate the size of the transport box in relation to the dog for a new purchase.

Topics: Animals, Pets, Dogs, Logistics, Transporting | Status: free to use

Calculate Koi food requirements, fish food calculator

Calculate calculate koi food costs, price calculator optimal koi food recommendation best koi food

What is the best koi food? In this pet food calculator, a calculation of the approximate feed requirement of your koi per day in grams takes place.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Japan Koi & Animals | Status: free to use

How much space do my guinea pigs need?

Calculate multipig piggy,  merr piggy calculator

Calculate how big your guinea pig enclosure should be optimally.

Topics: Animals, Pets, Rodents, Recreation, Pets Keeping, Hobbies | Status: free to use

Calculator for dogs age

Calculate dog calculator, dog converter how old is my dog

Correctly calculate with newest formula dog age over dog years in human years.

Topics: Animals, Dogs, Pets, Health, Animals Health | Status: free to use

Calculator Koi weight estimate

Calculate ,  find koi weight by gre

With this tool, you estimate how heavy your koi is from the length of the koi and another factor.

Topics: Garden, Animals, Fish, Koi, Pond Technology, Pond Fishes | Status: free to use

Koi diseases calculate treatment costs, optimal water values

Calculate perfect water values in the pond,  treat sick koi

Avoid koi diseases by following the requirements for healthy koi.

Topics: Garden & Animals & Pond Technology & Aquatics | Status: free to use

Calculation price calculator pond planning and pond costs

Calculate stream, watercourse construction pond cost calculation

Cost and effort calculator in the construction of pond systems and koi ponds. Of course, the values are only indicative.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Animals | Status: free to use

Calculate the required amount of terrarium substrate!

Calculate calculator, diplopoda millipede

With this calculator you can easily and quickly calculate how many bags of substrate you need for your pool!

Topics: Animals & Tarraristics & Terrarium | Status: free to use

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