Business Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice business calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculate price increase

Calculate ,  calculate profit margin

Your supplier has increased prices? Calculate the percentage price increase quickly and easily.

Topics: Economy, Business, Enterprise, Self-employed, Price Calculator | Status: free to use

Cleaning cost calculator for building cleaning

Calculate cleaning calculator, basic cleaning professional cleaning

Online calculator cleaning companies: cost calculation of cleaning costs in the field of office cleaning, interior cleaning, staircase cleaning, household cleaning, path cleaning and janitorial service.

Topics: House, Business, Self-employed, Cleaning, Household Services, Cleaning Costs, Costs Calculator | Status: free to use

Calculate hotel occupancy

Calculate occupancy room pensions,  room occupancy calculate

This tool calculates the maximum occupancy for a given number of rented rooms per year.

Topics: Economy, Gastronomy, Hotels, Holidays, Vacations, Company, Business, Living, Tourism | Status: free to use

Catering price calculator, calculate party service costs

Calculate celebration cost calculate,  party service cost calculate

Checkout our online catering pricing calculator and find out the party cost as you are planning and manage your expenses accordingly. Build own calculator for free.

Topics: Leisure, Economy, Party Costs, Catering, Business | Status: free to use

Free Facebook Budget Calculator for PPC Ads Optimization

Calculate Facebook Ads Calculator, Facebook Cost Calculator Facebook Ads Calculator

This Facebook Ads Budget Calculator is a simple tool. Ask yourself, how much Facebook budget do I need to reach my desired revenue? This calculator will calculate your revenue target, average CPM & CTR.

Topics: Marketing, Online Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Business, Advertising, PPC Marketing | Status: free to use

MEGA calculator: costs company foundation

Calculate company formation costs AG, company formation costs KG company formation costs

Calculation of the costs of setting up a company in different variations and different company forms.

Topics: Economy, Business, Finance, Business Planning, Trade | Status: free to use

Job reference generator tool for personnel evaluations

Calculate zeignis employee templates, employee reference templates create employee reference

Generator to create a simple job reference with coded ratings or how to create simple employee references with our handy job reference generator tool now especially fast and uncomplicated.

Topics: Company, Business, Business, Self-employed, Companies, Human Resources, Personnel | Status: free to use

How much I should invest for a direct mailing marketing campaign

Calculate cost advertising letter,  mailing letter cost

Clear mailing cost calculator for planning a letter mailing or e-mail mailing in the field of direct marketing.

Topics: Economy, Business, Advertising, Marketing, Companies, Selling, | Status: free to use

How much soap and soap bars do you need?

Calculate quantity of soap, soap dispenser quantity how much soap in the company

Calculator for calculating the amount of soap needed for each person, household or business.

Topics: Health, Hygiene, Cleaning, Household, Washing | Status: free to use

Plastics Technology Calculator Industry Extrusion

Extruder or extrusion equipment in the industry should run reliably so that idle time or error time is avoided.

Topics: Business & Industry & Mechanical Engineering & Plastics Technology | Status: free to use

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