Children Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice children calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Diaper calculator for diaper cost and diaper voucher

Calculate diaper coupons, diaper cost calculator first year diaper cost

How many diapers does my child need per month? Cost calculator for baby diapers in comparison (without cloth diapers).

Topics: Children, Family, Health, Babies, Toddlers, Hygiene, Costs Calculator | Status: free to use

Sand calculator: How much sand for sandbox?

Calculate ,  Calculate amount of playing sand

When it gets warmer outside, even the little ones are drawn outdoors again. The sandbox in particular is a favorite place in the garden for many children. But exactly how much sand do you need? With this calculator you can find outTopics: Garden, Leisure, Garden Toys, Sandbox | Status: free to use

SSW Calculator Pregnancy and Birth

Calculate calculator delivery, calculate delivery date calculation pregnancy

The calculator calculates the possible date of delivery during pregnancy (SWW calculator). And since you are always asked as a pregnant woman, with which gifts you can make her a joy, you will find here also a few niceTopics: Children, Health, Family, Baby | Status: free to use

How many balls for ball pool on 1st birthday?

Now quickly calculate the number of balls needed for the ball pool. Plus: lots of great gift ideas for the first birthday.

Topics: Celebration, Children, Toys, Playing, Leisure, Babys, Fun | Status: free to use

Calculate cost advent calendar filling

Calculate calendar adults, cost children advent calendar fill calendar advent fill

Calculate the necessary budget for your Advent calendar filling. Plus 100 creative tips for your Advent calendar.

Topics: Leisure, Celebration, Christmas, Gifts, Give Away, Gift Ideas | Status: free to use

Sun protection factor: Calculate duration of action for sun protection

Calculate sun protection for children, how many hours does sunscreen last sun bathing calculator

How many minutes can I stay in the sun with my sunscreen? Find out easily here:

Topics: Health, Children, Care, Cosmetics, Skin Care | Status: free to use

Pool calculator: how much water fits in my pool?

Calculate how much pool water,  garden pool water cost

Quickly calculate the amount of water in your pool and the resulting water costs.

Topics: Leisure, Toys, Children, Sports, Swimming, Garden, Water | Status: free to use

Calculate subsidy construction child benefit 2020, 2019

Calculate Kindergeld construction money, Hausbau Frderung children Baukindergeld subsidy building

The grand coalition recently decided on it: The Baukindergeld 2019 or 2020 is to be paid to families who have built or bought a property retroactively since Jan. 1, 2018, provided that certain income limits have beenTopics: Building, Housing, Children, Families, Social, Grant, Zuschsse | Status: free to use

When will my child start school?

Calculate School,  When enrollment

The deadline for enrollment in elementary school varies from state to state. Use our online calculator to find out when your child will start school.

Topics: Education & School & Learning & Children & Raising | Status: free to use

Which is better - the Toniebox or the Tigerbox?

Calculate listening games for children,  gifts for children

Digital audio boxes for children are absolutely trendy. Thanks to their ease of use, they allow even young children to listen to their favorite songs and audio games. Most children's rooms are no longer equipped with the colorful unTopics: Leisure, Games, Children, Toys, Gifts, Christmas, Music, Children Songs, MP3, Tonibox | Status: free to use