Engineers Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice engineers calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculate line cross section

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Calculate cable and wire cross section with different variables.

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Building Services, Physics, Cross-section Calculations, Industry | Status: free to use

Calculate line cross section

Calculate wire calculation three phase current, wire calculation alternating current cable calculator

Calculates for direct current, alternating current and three-phase current the wire cross-section for power cables in mm² for copper wires, aluminum wires, gold wires and silver wires.

Topics: Electrics, Electrical Engineering, Building Services, Construction, Engineers, Converter, Convert | Status: free to use

Heat demand calculation: design of a new heating system

Calculate heating renovation, calculate nominal heat output heating renovation

Here you can roughly calculate your necessary heat requirement when purchasing a new heating system for an old or new building.

Topics: Energy & Building Services, Heating Technology, Heating Engineering | Status: free to use

SELZ ENGINEERING Duct calculation, ventilation calculator

Air duct calculation as an aid to the design of ventilation ducts.Attention this design aid does not replace a basic planning of a ventilation system and the values are without guarantee.The ratio of both duct lengths should not be greater than 1:4.Topics: Technique, Ventilation System, Design Ventilation | Status: free to use

German heating oil price calculator with price inquiry for a heating oil order

Calculate heating oil calculator, heating cost calculator suppliers heating oil
Calculate your heating costs for orders of heating oil with residual calculation.Topics: Building Services, Heating, Heating Technology, Heating Engineering, Fuels, Energy | Status: free to use

Calculation of snow load

Calculate calculate snow load weight, maximum roof weight for snow calculate maximum snow load

How to calculate the snow load on normal roofs.

Topics: Building & Housing, Engineers, Science, Mathematics | Status: free to use

Plastics Technology Calculator Industry Extrusion

Extruder or extrusion equipment in the industry should run reliably so that idle time or error time is avoided.

Topics: Business & Industry & Mechanical Engineering & Plastics Technology | Status: free to use

SELZ ENGINEERING berschlagsmige heating load calculation

SELZ ENGINEERING berschlagsmige heating load calculation. Use without warranty and at your own risk. This calculation does not replace an engineering calculation of a heating load. This calculation is only for rough estimation.Topics: Technology | Status: free to use

Calculate commercial electricity costs

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Simple tariff calculator comparison for green electricity and natural gas tariffs for tradesmen and companies.

Topics: Economy & Power Engineering & Business & Electricity | Status: free to use

Calculate air resistance force

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Calculation of the air resistance for an electric car on a distance of 100km and a speed of 100km/h.Topics: Engineering Knowledge | Status: free to use