Fun Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice fun calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

E-car leasing calculator promotion

Calculate electric car leasing, e-car leasing electric car leasing

E-car premium: calculate electric car leasing costs here. Electric cars are being promoted, now even with a possible profit on electric car lease rates.

Topics: Vehicles, Cars, Mobility, Electric Cars, Saving, Driving, Hybrid Cars | Status: free to use

How many balls for ball pool on 1st birthday?

Now quickly calculate the number of balls needed for the ball pool. Plus: lots of great gift ideas for the first birthday.

Topics: Celebration, Children, Toys, Playing, Leisure, Babys, Fun | Status: free to use

Lead Magnet Funnel Calculator | Sales Funnel Optimization Test

Calculate effective sales controlling, perfect sales control calculate leads

Is your site optimized to generate countless customer inquiries via clickfunnels? Take the funnel test.

Topics: Economy, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Stores, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use

Tampons vs. menstrual cup, how much you save

no photo
It's funny that menstruation is a taboo subject for most people, as it is simply part of a woman's natural processes.Topics: Health | Status: free to use

Cost comparison: how much does a camping vacation cost?

Calculate camping costs australia, camping costs canada camping costs usa

Vacation costs and camping costs in comparison: is camping cheaper than vacation in a hotel? This is easy to calculate.

Topics: Traveling, Vacations, Leisure, Camping, Holidays, Fun, Tourism | Status: free to use

Formula Fluffy Slime make yourself according to recipe

Calculate slime recipes, how much slime ingredients make slime

Here you calculate the slime recipe including ingredients to create the perfect slime (slime) yourself.

Topics: Hobby, Leisure, Funny, Toys, Cooking, Dough, Mixing, Fun, Slime, Kids Games, Kids Toys | Status: free to use

Simple funeral cost calculator

Calculate funeral costs, burial costs calculate funeral costs

Sample calculator: flexible cost calculator for funeral costs or grave costs (burial). For funeral directors, the prices can be easily edited online in the PREMIUM version if desired.

Topics: Institutes, People, Social, Dying, Death | Status: free to use

Is your site optimized to generate many inquiries via Clickfunnels? Take the test and calculate the costs.

Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Shops, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use