Garden Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice garden calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

How much energy is needed to heat a pond?

Here, it is roughly calculated how much energy is required to heat a certain amount of water, e.g. for a garden pond. In addition, the corresponding costs are extrapolated.

Topics: Garden, Pond Technology, Pond | Status: free to use

Price gabion cost

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Price gabion

Topics: Building & Living, Gardening, Mauerm, Zune | Status: free to use

Calculate gravel costs

Calculate create gravel garden.,  offer gravel cost

Cost calculator to calculate the necessary amount and cost of an ornamental gravel garden or a gravel area.

Topics: Garden & Craft & Construction | Status: free to use

Turf cost calculator, how to properly install sod

Calculate turf seeding, garden maintenance turf

We show how to lay sod yourself and what sod costs to budget for.

Topics: Garden, Building, Horticulture | Status: free to use

How to calculate the CO2 content in the pond

Calculator for a rough estimate of the CO2 content in the garden pond.Topics: Garden | Status: free to use

Sand calculator: How much sand for sandbox?

Calculate ,  Calculate amount of playing sand

When it gets warmer outside, even the little ones are drawn outdoors again. The sandbox in particular is a favorite place in the garden for many children. But exactly how much sand do you need? With this calculator you can find outTopics: Garden, Leisure, Garden Toys, Sandbox | Status: free to use

Pond construction pond liners calculator

Calculate how much liner for pond,  how much liner for garden pond

Online calculator to calculate the necessary pond liner quantity of a new garden pond as well as the total cost of the required pond liner according to given sqm price.

Topics: Building & Living, Garden, Horticulture, Pond Technology | Status: free to use

Calculate Koi food requirements, fish food calculator

Calculate calculate koi food costs, price calculator optimal koi food recommendation best koi food

What is the best koi food? In this pet food calculator, a calculation of the approximate feed requirement of your koi per day in grams takes place.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Japan Koi & Animals | Status: free to use

Create raised bed correctly: Calculate your material consumption

A raised bed combines numerous advantages of a productive flower or vegetable bed. Read here how to create a raised bed and calculate your material consumption.

Topics: Garden | Status: free to use

Calculate hedge cost, instructions planting hedges

Calculate calculator hedge, calculate hedge how much does a hedge cost

Here you calculate the cost of planting a hedge. There is also a guide to planting a hedge and a hedge comparison list.

Topics: Horticulture, Garden, Hedges, Hedge Calculator | Status: free to use