Household Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice household calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Conversion gas to kWh

Calculate ,  convert gas consumption

Tool to convert gas consumption (m³) to energy (kWh).

Topics: Building & Living, Converter, Energy, Household | Status: free to use

Rent calculator regular service charges settlement

Calculate service charge calculation, calculate service charges service charge settlement for apartment

Simple calculator for calculating the annual service charges when renting a building or apartment with a maximum of 5 units.

Topics: Building Technology, Economy, House, Real Estate, Renting, Tenant, Housing, Apartment | Status: free to use

Cleaning cost calculator for building cleaning

Calculate cleaning calculator, basic cleaning professional cleaning

Online calculator cleaning companies: cost calculation of cleaning costs in the field of office cleaning, interior cleaning, staircase cleaning, household cleaning, path cleaning and janitorial service.

Topics: House, Business, Self-employed, Cleaning, Household Services, Cleaning Costs, Costs Calculator | Status: free to use

Painting calculator: how much does a painter cost?

Calculate wallpaper, wallpaper offer painter

Simple quote cost calculator for painting contractors to calculate the cost of painting a house or apartment (room).

Topics: Building, Painting, Renovation, Crafts, Interior Design | Status: free to use

Cost calculator for the construction or purchase of a vacation home

Calculate real estate costs Majorca, Finca costs Majorca apartment Majorca buy

Calculate the house purchase costs as well as the additional costs when buying real estate and building a house in Mallorca.

Topics: Real Estate, Asset, Investment, Foreign Country, Capital Investment, Vacation Homes, Vacation Apartment, Vacation | Status: free to use

Save when comparing vacuum cleaner robots

Calculate ,  calculate robot vacuum cleaner prices

Here you enter the most important data for comparison and receive a calculation for the vacuum cleaner robots.

Topics: Household, Living, Robots, Homes Automation | Status: free to use

How much soap and soap bars do you need?

Calculate quantity of soap, soap dispenser quantity how much soap in the company

Calculator for calculating the amount of soap needed for each person, household or business.

Topics: Health, Hygiene, Cleaning, Household, Washing | Status: free to use

Construction costs for new building

Calculate construction cost calculator,  house construction cost

Here, the total construction costs are calculated when building or buying a new property (single-family house).

Topics: Building & Living, House Building | Status: free to use

Save money on turnkey solid house

Calculate building cost solid house,  cost to build stone house

The favorable interest rates enable construction financing at top conditions. In addition, a lot of money can be saved if certain aspects are taken into account when building a house. Find out how you can build at a particularly favorable rate.&aTopics: Building & Living & Real Estate | Status: free to use

Cost house purchase and calculate service charges

Calculate costs house purchase, costs apartment purchase costs real estate purchase

Clear calculator for calculating utility costs when buying a house or condominium.

Topics: Business & Real Estate & Money & Finance | Status: free to use