Housing Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice housing calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Rent calculator regular service charges settlement

Calculate service charge calculation, calculate service charges service charge settlement for apartment

Simple calculator for calculating the annual service charges when renting a building or apartment with a maximum of 5 units.

Topics: Building Technology, Economy, House, Real Estate, Renting, Tenant, Housing, Apartment | Status: free to use

Heating cost savings with replacement heating pump

Calculate new circulating pump, pump heating cost pump heating

This is how much you save when buying a new circulation pump for your heating system.

Topics: Building, Living, Building Services, Housing, Energy, Energy Technology, Heating Technology | Status: free to use

Calculation of snow load

Calculate calculate snow load weight, maximum roof weight for snow calculate maximum snow load

How to calculate the snow load on normal roofs.

Topics: Building & Housing, Engineers, Science, Mathematics | Status: free to use

Cheap balcony renovation with instructions

Calculate instruction cost balcony renovation, cheap balcony renovation correct balcony renovation

Instructions and cost comparison for efficient balcony renovation, so calculated are the prices to completely renew a balcony.

Topics: Building & Housing & Floodplain Facilities & Redevelopment | Status: free to use

Calculate subsidy construction child benefit 2020, 2019

Calculate Kindergeld construction money, Hausbau Frderung children Baukindergeld subsidy building

The grand coalition recently decided on it: The Baukindergeld 2019 or 2020 is to be paid to families who have built or bought a property retroactively since Jan. 1, 2018, provided that certain income limits have beenTopics: Building, Housing, Children, Families, Social, Grant, Zuschsse | Status: free to use

Planning real estate financing correctly: From the desire to buy to the annuity loan

Calculate guide to buying real estate, buy a house cheap calculate rent

Calculate the term of your fixed annuity loan.

Topics: Building & Housing & Real Estate & Finance | Status: free to use

Investment luxury real estate online calculator

Calculate ,  high quality real estate finance

Calculations for exclusive real estate investments in the private & commercial sector.

Topics: Building & Housing & Real Estate & Investment | Status: free to use