Nutrition Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice nutrition calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Simple vitamin D requirement calculator

Calculate vitamin d3, healthy d3 vitamin needs

Since inhabitants in our latitudes no longer spend so much time outdoors, there is a vitamin D deficiency in the population. Here is calculated with what amount you compensate for the deficiency once or regularly.&aTopics: Health, Vitamins, Nutrition, Food Supplements | Status: free to use

Simply calculate calorie requirements

Calculate simple calorie calculation, nutrient calculator nutrient calculator

Selected online calculators on the topics: Nutrient distribution, calorie density, basal metabolic rate, calorie requirements.

Topics: Health, Basal Metabolic Rate, Lose Weight, Fitness | Status: free to use

Producing Costs of healthy tritan water bottles

Online calculator to calculate the cost of Tritan drinking bottles in the store.

Topics: Foods, Drinks, Bottles, Nutritions, Material, Plastics, Beverages, Manufacturer, Industry | Status: free to use

Macronutrient distribution - carbohydrates

Calculate ,  calorie calculator

Formula for calculating the amount of carbohydrate

Topics: Health, Nutrition, Sport, Weight Loss, Converter | Status: free to use

Macronutrient distribution - fat

Calculate ,  calorie conversion

Here you can calculate how much of your daily calories should consist of fat

Topics: Health, Weight Loss | Status: free to use

Macronutrient distribution - protein

Calculate ,  calorie calculator

Here you can calculate how many grams of protein you should consume

Topics: Health, Weight Loss, Converter, Conversion | Status: free to use

Special Technical Solutions

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