Photovoltaics Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice photovoltaics calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculate PV inverter sizing

Calculate how many solar inverters per PV system, inverter power comparison Gre inverter calculation

Here you can calculate the generator power and the voltage range of a photovoltaic inverter.

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KfW repayment subsidy PV storage system

This calculator calculates the maximum subsidy amount for the expansion of a PV system with electricity storage or the new acquisition of a photovoltaic system with battery storage.

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Is PV worthwhile as a financial investment - profitability & amortization of photovoltaics

Calculate when is a PV system profitable, photvoltaic investments profitability PV system

PV profitability: comparison of photovoltaic system costs and yields then and now.

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Calculate phovoltaic systems prices

Calculate ,  Price Calculation PV Systems

The solar system calculator or photovoltaic system price calculator gives detailed information about the planned PV system.

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Calculation of photovoltaic systems yield

Online tool to roughly calculate the maximum possible annual yields of a photovoltaic system in Germany with optimal orientation and inclination (approx. 35°) and no shading installed on a pitched roof. <Topics: Energy | Status: free to use

Is the purchase of an electricity storage unit for a photovoltaic system worthwhile?

Here you can calculate whether the purchase of a PV electricity storage system is really worthwhile.Topics: Energy | Status: free to use