Renewables Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice renewables calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Is PV worthwhile as a financial investment - profitability & amortization of photovoltaics

Calculate when is a PV system profitable, photvoltaic investments profitability PV system

PV profitability: comparison of photovoltaic system costs and yields then and now.

Topics: Building, Living, Photovoltaics, Energy Technology, Building Services, Investment, Finances, Assets, Profitability, Saving Money, Renewables | Status: free to use

Cheap balcony renovation with instructions

Calculate instruction cost balcony renovation, cheap balcony renovation correct balcony renovation

Instructions and cost comparison for efficient balcony renovation, so calculated are the prices to completely renew a balcony.

Topics: Building & Housing & Floodplain Facilities & Redevelopment | Status: free to use

Cost calculator pond renovation and pond repair

Calculate ,  calculate pond cost pond renovation

Estimate the potential cost of replacing or repairing your backyard pond here.

Topics: Building & Garden & Pond Technology | Status: free to use

Special Technical Solutions

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