Saving Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice saving calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

E-car leasing calculator promotion

Calculate electric car leasing, e-car leasing electric car leasing

E-car premium: calculate electric car leasing costs here. Electric cars are being promoted, now even with a possible profit on electric car lease rates.

Topics: Vehicles, Cars, Mobility, Electric Cars, Saving, Driving, Hybrid Cars | Status: free to use

Washing machine save costs

Calculate ,  compare washing machine cost

Calculation of annual consumption costs including the purchase price of washing machines.

Topics: Technology & Electric Devices | Status: free to use

Heating cost savings with replacement heating pump

Calculate new circulating pump, pump heating cost pump heating

This is how much you save when buying a new circulation pump for your heating system.

Topics: Building, Living, Building Services, Housing, Energy, Energy Technology, Heating Technology | Status: free to use

Heating cost savings with a window renovation

Calculate building renovation windows, price calculator window renovation windows repairing

With the window renovation you can save many euros in the long term. Here we compare the cost and the result with new windows.

Topics: Windows, Building, Living, Renovation, Crafting, Heating, Repairing, Refurbishment, Insulation | Status: free to use

Is PV worthwhile as a financial investment - profitability & amortization of photovoltaics

Calculate when is a PV system profitable, photvoltaic investments profitability PV system

PV profitability: comparison of photovoltaic system costs and yields then and now.

Topics: Building, Living, Photovoltaics, Energy Technology, Building Services, Investment, Finances, Assets, Profitability, Saving Money, Renewables | Status: free to use

U-value calculator for energy saving windows

U stands for the heat transfer coefficient; in the past, the value was also referred to as the k-value in the field of building physics.

Topics: Building & Living, Windows, Window Renovation, Window Construction, Window Calculation | Status: free to use

Savings calculator: how much you save without cigarettes

Calculate ,  advantages stop smoking

Quickly calculate the costs of cigarette consumption.

Topics: Health, Reclamation | Status: free to use

Save electricity costs, electricity savings calculator

Calculate lower electricity costs, electricity savings calculator change electricity provider

Electricity cost calculator & advisor on the subject of electricity supplier change & efficient electricity saving in the household.

Topics: Building & Living, Electrical & Household, Power Saving | Status: free to use

What's better: a water sprayer or bottled water?

Calculate save with Soda Stream.,  less mineral water

Calculate your savings when using a water sparkler compared to bottled mineral water.

Topics: Leisure, Household, Household Appliances | Status: free to use

Converter luminosity lumens to watts power

Calculate ,  convert energy saving light bulbs

Use this converter to convert the luminosity (lumens) to watts (power) of an energy-saving lamp compared to a conventional light bulb.

Topics: Building & Living & Household & Electrical & Energy Saving & Lighting | Status: free to use

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