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Here you find some nice school calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

How much does a driver's license cost?

Calculate safety training, motorcycle license car driving license cost

Quickly estimate driving school costs: calculator to calculate the current cost of a driver's license by state.

Topics: Leisure, Cars, Driving Test, Mobility, Motor Vehicle, Vehicles, Motorcycle License Cost, Car Driving License | Status: free to use

When will my child start school?

Calculate School,  When enrollment

The deadline for enrollment in elementary school varies from state to state. Use our online calculator to find out when your child will start school.

Topics: Education & School & Learning & Children & Raising | Status: free to use

Formulas for driving school: reaction distance, braking distance, stopping distance

Here you calculate the reaction distance, stopping distance, stopping distance in case of danger, braking distance in case of danger and the normal braking distance. These calculations are often asked in driving school exams and should definitely be memorized.

Topics: Leisure & Hobby | Status: free to use

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