Vacation Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice vacation calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculator for calculating vacation entitlement for part-time employees

Calculate Auxiliary Employees Vacation Entitlement, Employee Vacation Calculator Employee Vacation Entitlement

Here we offer an online calculator for calculating vacation entitlement for part-time employees with different numbers of hours per week.

Topics: Economy, Vacation Calculator, Part-time Calculator, Personnel, Company, Personnel Planning | Status: free to use

Calculate hotel occupancy

Calculate occupancy room pensions,  room occupancy calculate

This tool calculates the maximum occupancy for a given number of rented rooms per year.

Topics: Economy, Gastronomy, Hotels, Holidays, Vacations, Company, Business, Living, Tourism | Status: free to use

Cost calculator for the construction or purchase of a vacation home

Calculate real estate costs Majorca, Finca costs Majorca apartment Majorca buy

Calculate the house purchase costs as well as the additional costs when buying real estate and building a house in Mallorca.

Topics: Real Estate, Asset, Investment, Foreign Country, Capital Investment, Vacation Homes, Vacation Apartment, Vacation | Status: free to use

Calculate the fuel consumption for your trip on vacation

If you want to go on vacation as a self-caterer with your own car, you can find out here what food you should take with you and what costs you should plan for refueling.Topics: Leisure, Vacations, Vehicles Costs, Gasoline Costs, Power, Energy | Status: free to use

Price calculator vacation apartment with booking calendar

Calculate rental cost calculator, rental cost calculator tool rent vacation home

Calculator tool with booking calendar for landlords of vacation apartments or cottages and cost calculation for guests renting a vacation home.

Topics: Vacations, Leisure, Real Estates, Hotels, Living, Booking, Software, Tools | Status: free to use

Cost comparison: how much does a camping vacation cost?

Calculate camping costs australia, camping costs canada camping costs usa

Vacation costs and camping costs in comparison: is camping cheaper than vacation in a hotel? This is easy to calculate.

Topics: Traveling, Vacations, Leisure, Camping, Holidays, Fun, Tourism | Status: free to use