Wheel loader insurance for less than 1,000 gross per year // Machinery breakdown insurance - Calculate Now

List price
"Basic premium" at 2,500 SB gross (please calculate surcharges/deductions)
Discount for new machines
Multi-year discount for contracts with 3-year term
Surcharge for coinsurance of rental risk incl. misappropriation risk
Discount exclusion Internal damage (only comprehensive insurance)
Discount reduction on partial protection ("partial cover")
Co-insurance of rental costs for replacement cattle
Co-insurance of construction site equipment and security

Table of Contents

The insurer shall pay compensation for unforeseen damage to or destruction of insured property (property damage) and for the loss of insured property through theft, burglary, robbery or plunder, in particular: Explanation of the scope of insurance (by way of example) Fire, lightning and explosion Theft, burglary or robbery Unauthorized use by third parties Earthquake, flood and inundation Storm, hail and ice Glass breakage Frost Cable damage due to short circuit Transport (except sea transport) Collision damage (traffic/accident) Landslide Short circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage overpressure or underpressure Failure of measuring, control or safety equipment Operating errors of any kind clumsiness and negligence faulty design, materials or workmanship Internal operating hazards Operational risk of use Excluded cases of damage: Intent of the policyholder or his representatives War events, sovereign interventions and damage caused by nuclear energy Wear and tear with the exception of the resulting consequential damage Operational wear and tear, corrosion or deposits Existing defects

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