Create a free simple calculator by yourself

Calc2Web offers an assistant to create a simple calculator.

Business Calculator for enterprises

We take professional care of your calculator application including database import.

Access the online calculator database

Public calculators are integrated into the homepage via iframe.

Problem: Online calculators can be found for many topics in the web. But the input and output boxes and methods of calculation are rigidly predetermined and do neither allow any flexibility, nor the possibility to capture, evaluate, process or integrate the results of the calculations on your own website… Calc2Web is different!

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Calc2Web is
  • flexible
  • useful
  • free
and can be handled without programming knowledge.

1. Fields
2. Operations
3. Design
Export & DONE!

With our Calc2Web Calculators you offer your customers


by means of numbers that are visualized.


to understand complex figures.


through a more attractive user experience.

pricing information

to calculate the costs of your products.

comparative calculations

for transparent benchmarking.

process optimization

simplified industry service processes.

for every business target group...

As a company or freelancer, you can use our service: We will create a custom calculator according to your specifications. On request, we log user input calculation data and display them visualized in charts or infographics.

Private / non-profit site operators profit free of charge from the services on Calc2Web. com offers. You create your own calculator or integrate public calculators into your existing homepage in an simple way to offer your visitors added value.

As a visitor, you can use the calculation tools from the pool of existing public online calculators without restriction. Simple, fast and absolutely free of charge. Of course you can also create your own simple calculator for free.

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