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We develop innovative technology with low prices Contact us, for your individual calculator offer.

We develop innovative technology with low prices Contact us, for your individual calculator offer.

Build online calculations and webtools with our free online calculator generator

build form calculator online There are plenty of online calculation tools available in the web. You can find online calculators for a broad range of topics.

However, the variables and calculation methods are rigidly predetermined and neither allow for any flexibility whatsoever nor provide the possibility of registering or analyzing the calculations or to integrate them into an own website.

Advantages of our Form Calculator Tool

This is where Calc2Web comes to the rescue: Upon registration, organize your personal online calculator exactly the way you need it. You will not only have the opportunity to use as many arithmetic calculations as you like, but you can also create the formulas individually and without any programming skills.

Take a look at our next useful video tutorial on how to create a calculation for your homepage.

Convert form calculations in flexible Javascript/HTML and generate your own calculation tool

Having finished the calculator, you can generate your HTML-code (by Javascript or Iframe) which you can directly include into your website, in order to allow your visitors to use the online calculator created by you. This will enhance the attractiveness of your homepage, make you reach a higher number of visitors as well as more traffic and additionally profit from the traffic generated by

Alternatively to build own calculators

Put us directly in charge with the creation of a CALC PRO calculation as per your specifications. We will implement your operations. At a later stage, the results can also be presented in forms of elegantly prepared curved charts on your website.

In case you would like to use the tool only on your website, just set the calculation status to private (instead of public). However, you will not get any free traffic via our site in this case.

Of course, we will also be happy to create an independent form calculator for your website in Javascript or PHP, as well as a plugin for various conent management systems like Wordpress, typo3, Joomla etc. Just contact us to request your individual offer.

Get now a free and flexible form calculation tool for your website

Whether you are looking for a calculator to find out the demand of facade paint needed for a new building, to determine the size of a heating boiler, to calculate prices or the capacity of a photovoltaic facility. Whether you would like to use the calculator as a nice add-on for your web project or as a helpful evaluation instrument to estimate your customers demand (comparable to a survey or poll), we will certainly supply you with the calculation tool you need for your web project.

And if not, we will be delighted to create one for you through our PREMIUM and PRO services.