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Would you like to go the easy way, just click through our constantly growing list of existing calculation tools - and in case they are open to public, feel free to install them on your website or to use them for direct calculations on our website. Once you have created an online calculation tool, you can also set the status to "non-public" (private) and exclusively use it for your own website. This exclusive feature is available in the attractive CALC PREMIUM bundle.

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If you search german calculators from Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can visit our german site for Calculators. As a visitor, you have unlimited access to a variety of existing calculation tools and use these quickly, easily and totally free of charge. Of course, you can also create a simple online calculator for free. More information are available on the CALC-bundles page.

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Private or non-profit website operators as well as small businessmen (freelancers) without deeper programming skills also benefit from the free services provided by You can create the online calculator of your choice yourself or install public calculators on your own website, in order to offer your visitors an added value.

Should you be interested in several free calculators, an own source code or (coming soon) the conversion into a mobile app, the CALC-PREMIUM bundle might be interesting for you.

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- use our integration service: We create the calculator of your choice as per your specifications, including a simply protected formula source code (the formula is not visible in the code).
- use the calculator as a poll module (data mining), since in case the calculator is set to "public" status and of broad interest, a lot of other website operators will integrate them.
- You will receive a 100% own script code which you can also manually alter any time.

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We will happily take care of creating a calculation tool for your websites. Depending on the bundle booked, you can also send us an excel file which we will use as a basis for your calculator.

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