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Unusual gifts - original packaging for gifts of money for the wedding.

Finding a gift for brides and grooms is often difficult because most of the time the household is complete, you have trouble meeting the couple's tastes, and unless a wedding table has been set up somewhere (which, of course, makes the gift search incredibly easy), you're faced with the same question before every upcoming wedding, "What to give?"

Many brides and grooms make it easy for their guests by asking for money. But handing over a small unspectacular envelope is not considered very creative by most, and the "incorporate money into down pillows, tea lights, a sandbox, chocolate pudding, balloons"-ideas are now also slowly worn out, and not every bride and groom on the wedding day or on the honeymoon feel like digging in Jell-O, chocolate pudding or down pillows - but everyone thinks differently - you know the bride and groom, so you will know whether you can make them happy with it.

In any case, I think creatively packaged cash gifts that don't involve a lot of work to unwrap are nicer. You can find countless suggestions and books for this on the internet.

Suspicion of money laundering? - Funny gift for the wedding

Geldgeschenke Wscheleine GeldscheineFor example, I once bought a beautiful plant (in an oblong flower pot), stuck two long sticks in the ground on the right and left, stretched a thread (clothesline), folded money bills in the shape of pants, skirts or shirts (supplier example: and attached them to the thread with mini clothespins. The "garden" can then be decorated with play figures, a fence (e.g., made of ice cream sticks), etc. The whole thing can be covered with transparent foil. The whole thing is nicely wrapped with transparent foil - et violà: Ready is a beautifully wrapped cash gift.

original money gifts are always well received.(Source:oak media GmbH)

Unusual gift ideas - White mice to fry

You buy a frying pan and some white mice (e.g. from Haribo). One folds the money decoratively, e.g. in fan form and fastens it in the center with Scotch tape. Then you stick the mice e.g. with scotch tape or with icing in the pan, so that the mice form a circle around the money. The whole thing is then nicely wrapped in cellophane foil. You can of course also tinker a card on it mention that the mice are intended to burn, the card can of course still be decorated with mice.

Original money gifts for the wedding - quickly make charcoal

Take a bag of charcoal and hide the money between the charcoal (if you want to keep it a neat affair, you can also fold the bills into compartments and attach them to the outside of the charcoal bag). Then paint or stick the charcoal sack with, for example, good wishes for the bride and groom (e.g., "We wish you never run out of coal").

Gift to craft: The treasure hunt - stranded on island

Under this motto, make a mini-island (e.g., line the bottom of a shoebox with "sand" (painted or glued on) and "water" (e.g. blue foil), place Playmobil figures in mini folding chairs, set up a mini palm tree (also available at toy stores) and make or buy a mini treasure chest and fill it with money (bills and/or coins). With this packaging option, you can let your creativity run wild, ideal for people who have enjoyed making dollhouses in the past.

Simple gifts and quick gift ideas to make yourself

A simple, but quite creative idea is to clamp the bills in a mousetrap, pack the money in a money bag or according to the motto "We wish you money like hay" to hide the bills in a cardboard box filled with hay or miniature cargo wagon, handcart or similar vehicle.

Provided that the wedding couple is facing a major expense, such as building a house, a major trip, a new car, the gift can of course be beautifully designed around one of these themes: A travel guide for the country to be traveled to is decoratively pasted with the money (preferably fanned out), the money is hidden behind the doors of a toy car (the car could be, for example The car could, for example, be glued to a piece of cardboard with a road painted on it. Tinkerers can decorate the car with "just married" lettering and some paper tubes that can be used as cans.A house built out of cardboard symbolizes your own four walls (the banknotes could be stuck on the roof or in the windows, used as a chimney or pave the way to the front door).

Sew a wedding pillow yourself

A great idea for a newlywed couple is a homemade pillow. Add appliqué or embroidery to make this one-of-a-kind. In this case, the covers of two pillows were individually colored to match the bride or groom, sewn together at the sides and filled with two inlets to create a partner pillow.

Jumbo hammock for 2 persons

Geschenke Hngematte fr 2 PersonenWhat could be better than relaxing in a hammock or hanging chair on a sunny vacation day or weekend on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, escaping from everyday life and enjoying the sun (or the shade) with an exciting book and a cool drink?

If you have the space outside, you will surely be happy about this great gift. Hammocks and hammocks are available in many different variations and price ranges - even for babies there are special hammocks on offer, in which the little ones playfully learn to improve their posture, coordination and sense of balance.

Great hammocks and chairs, both for 1-2 people, and for the whole family, are available in many colors and variations:

A romantic 2-person hammock is also guaranteed to go down well as a wedding gift.

Holding hands in the couples glove

The following gift idea is ideal for the loved one(s) or for friendly couples, e.g. for engagement or wedding.

Who does not know this? During a cozy winter walk for two, holding hands with gloves (if you have any) is less fun. Remedy is the couples gloves Glovers (I think the product name stands for "Gloves for lovers").

Those who like needlework and are appropriately talented can of course also try to knit the gloves themselves.

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