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Helpful tips & tricks on the subject of driving license costs 2020/2021, driving schools and driving tests.

Especially in Germany, the driving license is a rather expensive qualification compared to other countries, but it is of great practical value in many professions as well as in daily life. The first step in obtaining a car driving license is to attend a driving school, where driving lessons must be completed and the theoretical part of the road traffic regulations is taught.

The next steps are the written driving test and later the practical driving test. In the following article, the reader will be given a few helpful tips and tricks on the topics of driving school costs, driving school selection, driving school testing and driving school change.

Approximately what driving license costs you should expect to pay to obtain a driving license

On average, most driving schools initially charge a basic fee of 200 euros. In addition, there is the purchase of teaching materials amounting to an average of 50 euros and examination fees of between 150 and 200 euros.

The largest share of the expected driving license costs is definitely the driving lessons themselves, which cost an average of 30 euros per driving lesson. The legislator prescribes a minimum number of driving lessons here, which is around 30 regular driving lessons to be completed - which means a total of around 900 euros. Furthermore, about 12 special driving hours have to be completed - exactly 3 night driving hours, 4 highway driving hours and 5 overland driving hours. By the special driving hours in such a way again approximately 400 euro come in addition.

However, in order to be admitted to the driving school test, the learner driver also needs a special driver's license application from official sources, which costs around 35 euros depending on the municipality. In addition, a first-aid course must be completed in order to pass the driving test, and this costs around 40 euros on average. The cost of obtaining a driver's license can therefore be expected to be between 1,800 and 2,000 euros.

What you should look out for when choosing the right driving school

First of all, make sure that the driving school in question has a good reputation. You can find this out, for example, from the statements of acquaintances, relatives, school friends or work colleagues who may already have had experience with the driving school. Find out in a personal conversation with the driving school also all the offers and prices.

Also pay attention to the equipment in terms of teaching materials, classrooms and the condition of the driving school cars. Also, plan far-sightedly - if you would like to take further examinations after your driving license, then pay attention to the available range of options and the professional competence of the driving school already at the time of your first driving license.

Furthermore, the overall impression of the driving school is also a selection criterion - is the driving school clean and well equipped and are the employees friendly? Finally, you should critically examine the prices for driving lessons - prices between 22 and 34 euros per driving lesson are currently circulating, and prices for the practical driving test (on the part of the driving school) are around 100 euros.

What costs and problems can arise when changing driving schools

If driving lesson or test dates have already been arranged with the old driving school, you can cancel this up to 48 hours in advance. You only have to pay a new basic fee at the new driving school if you have not yet passed the theoretical driving test - in this case it may be advisable to take this test at the old driving school, but not to order any more driving lessons.

In the course of the registration with a new driving school, the instructor of the new driving school will request all necessary training certificates from the old driving school - this can also cost money under certain circumstances! If all regular driving lessons as well as special driving lessons have already been completed, you can register directly for the test via the new driving school - however, it is often advisable to complete one or two more driving lessons at the new driving school.

Which driving school providers you should generally avoid

Driving schools with an increased failure rate in the practical or theoretical driving school test should be avoided - poor learning conditions or even intentionally poorly taught content are to be expected here. According to the Federal Statistical Office, an average of 39 percent of all examinees fail a theoretical driving test, while the figure for the practical driving test is still 32 percent.

Furthermore, you should avoid driving schools where driving instructors intimidate, frighten or put pressure on their learner drivers. Driving schools that impose as many standard driving hours as possible on their learner drivers over and above what is required should also be avoided in any case.

What happens if you fail the theoretical or practical driving test?

If you fail the theoretical driving test, you can retake it after two weeks at the earliest. On average, you will have to pay around 100 euros for a new theory test.

A somewhat more expensive situation is the failure of a practical driving test - this costs an average of 150 to 200 euros per attempt. If you fail this test, your driving instructor may order you to take further regular driving lessons.

In any case, however, a new application for a practical driving test must be submitted to the TÜV or another institution such as DEKRA.

To what extent you can negotiate with your driving school in terms of price

Many driving schools offer installment payment options, where the cost of the driving license can also be paid off in convenient monthly installments. Learners have further room to negotiate the cost of the driving lessons themselves, which they can negotiate with the driving school in question.

If a change to another driving school is desired, the costs for the bureaucratic effort are also purely a matter of negotiation - if the negotiations with the new driving school are good, a change may cost nothing!

How to finance your driving school costs

You also have the option to finance your driving license with a credit institution. However, you must have a stable income.

The costs for teaching materials can also be negotiated individually - often these can be obtained for little money or even free of charge from your own circle of acquaintances.

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