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Invest classic lighting EUR/AP
Lifetime Years
Maintenance costs EUR/AP/year
Spare parts costs %/Invest/Year
Energy consumption Watt/workstation
Working time Hours/day
Annual working days Days/year
Effective operating time %/Working time
Energy costs EUR/kWh
HCL Maintenance costs EUR/AP
HCL Spare parts costs %/Invest/Year
HCL Energy consumption Watt/workstation
HCL effective operating time %/Working time
Annual salary EUR/year
Effectiveness %
Classic lighting system EUR/AP/year
HCL, e.g. humanT EUR/AP/year
Added value EUR/year
Amortization Years

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As beautiful as Human Centric Lighting lighting solutions are, an economic consideration is inevitable. Without question, lighting solutions that take emotion, biology and physiology into account are more expensive than classic lighting solutions that focus purely on visual needs. However, an increase in performance, creativity or well-being certainly offer a monetary countervalue. In addition, enough research results are available today to be able to make an estimate as a first approximation. With this information, it is then advisable to select a test room, set it up, gather experience and then plan the corresponding investment based on the results in one's own environment.

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