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The delivery date is approaching and your loved ones would like to give you a very special gift, but you don't know what to wish for? Or you have a pregnant woman in your family, among friends or acquaintances and would like to give her something great for Christmas, her birthday or for the birth? Then our following gift tips for mothers are just right for you:

Wellness package for stressed parents

A wellness package for parents is certainly well received, although it should be noted that breastfeeding mothers often refrain from using fragrances in cosmetics, bath additives and body lotions so as not to irritate the sensitive olfactory nerves of babies. However, there are also many care products available that do not contain fragrances. If you are completely unsure, omit cosmetic products altogether and focus on other relaxing products such as relaxation or breastfeeding tea, chocolate or other treats, coffee (note: since breastfeeding mothers often avoid caffeine, a decaffeinated coffee would be an alternative - the same goes for black or green tea) or a relaxation CD for mother and baby. An interesting book (e.g. Achtung, Baby: by Michael Mittermeier) rounds off the gift package.

There are also many care products available especially for young mothers, e.g. from Bellybutton. Vouchers for a massage, manicure, pedicure or sauna/wellness are also ideal in this context - as long as the babysitter question has been clarified - because freshly baked parents can always use relaxation. A yoga course or a cinema voucher serve the same purpose.

After delivery: Baby nursing pillow

If you don't already have one, a breastfeeding pillow is a good way to help the mother find the right position for breastfeeding and also to build a little "nest" for the baby. Nursing pillows are cuddly and versatile. But even during pregnancy, a nursing pillow can provide useful services for side sleepers by providing a little support for the belly. Of course, these can also be sewn well yourself. For the filling, small polystyrene beads are recommended, which can be found under the term micro beads or also EPS beads in well-stocked specialty stores.

You can find free sewing instructions for a breastfeeding pillow here, for example.

After pregnancy: service voucher and servants

Vouchers are also always well received. For example, for an evening as a babysitter - although many parents do not entrust their offspring to a babysitter, especially in the first months of life - perhaps in this case alternatively comes into question to push the baby one afternoon for an hour in the stroller through the area.

It doesn't matter whether you take care of the newborn for a few hours while the new parents go for a walk, to the sauna or on a shopping tour, whether you take the baby carriage for a walk so that the parents can sleep peacefully for once or whether you look after the child in the evening so that the parents can go out: A babysitter voucher is certainly a good idea, provided that the basis of trust between parents and babysitter is right.

A voucher for a cleaning fairy or cleaning company that cleans all the windows or does a basic cleaning, for example, is also sure to be well received. Vouchers for a photo shoot for the baby or the whole family also go down well.

Presents and homemade baked goods after the birth

Since new parents often get a lot of visitors in the beginning and want to entertain them as much as possible, it is a good idea to bake a cake or muffins and bring them to the new parents. Muffins have the advantage that they are frozen in portions and can be easily taken out of the freezer and defrosted or baked up when needed. So you always have something there when surprise visitors drop by.

Since the first time with the baby can be stressful and you often do not get to cook a proper meal, some newly baked family is happy about pre-cooked food, which only needs to be heated if necessary. Alternatively, a voucher for the next pizza service will do the trick.

Photo album for the birth of a baby

Photo albums of all kinds are also a popular gift for births. So you can archive the first time after the weeks of pregnancy with the baby optimally. There are also special baby diaries in which the developmental steps can also be entered. A gift certificate for a photo book is also a great thing - it allows parents to present the photos of their offspring according to their own taste.

Books for parents
Books can also be a nice gift idea - because sometimes when the baby is asleep, time can be found to sit back and just browse. Some prefer novels to be able to really switch off, others prefer to deal with topics around the baby during this time. Recommended literature for the first time with the child is for example "Oje ich wachsen" by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans X. Plooi, "Babyjahre: Entwicklung und Erziehung in den ersten vier Jahren" by Remo H. Largoj, "The happiest baby in the world: How to calm your crying child - so he sleeps better" by Harvey Karp, "Quickfinder Baby's first year" by Silvia Höfer or even a book about childhood diseases, such as. Health for Children: Preventing, Recognizing, Treating Childhood Illnesses" by Herbert Renz-Polster, Nicole Menche, and Arne Schäffler.

For those who would rather give a novel for a laugh, the following book tips are recommended: "Achtung Baby!" by Michael Mittermeier, "Kinderkacke: Das ehrliche Elternbuch" by Julia Heilmann, "Schief gewickelt" by Matthias Sachau, "Stillen und Chillen" by Katrin Tempel, "Frisch gepresst" by Susanne Fröhlich and successors "Frisch gemacht", "Treuepunkte", "Familienpackung" and "Lieblingsstücke".

Also the "Mütter Mafia" and successors "Die Patin" and "Gegensätze ziehen sich aus" by Kerstin Gier is an ideal read for mothers, even if it's not as muchtter, even though it deals less with the topics of birth and babies and more with the turbulent life of a freshly divorced mother, it does, however, provide fun and laughs with its funny sideswipes at the "super mothers" that many women are confronted with again and again in the course of being a mother.

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