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Independence is one of the particularly noteworthy advantages that oil heating has to offer. The fact that you always have a certain supply of oil at home means that you can be sure that there will always be enough energy available for heating. If it is foreseeable that the supply will run out, one has enough time to determine the most favorable energy supplier in each case.

This is another way to save money. In general, the fact that falling exchange rates can be exploited as needed by owners of oil heating systems offers considerable savings potential. Depending upon budget thereby sometimes larger, sometimes smaller quantities oil can be ordered.

Fuel oil/heating oil storage in tanks

The fuel oil is stored in the designated oil tank. This should comply with certain applicable guidelines. For example, it should meet water and fire safety requirements, be low in pollutants and have a distinction in terms of yellow and blue burners. Of course, the burner must also be adapted to the oil heating system.

Different fuel oil is used as the "energy supplier".

For example
  • the standard heating oil,
  • Heating oil Super,
  • low sulfur heating oil,
  • Bio heating oil and
  • Diesel
  • .
Within the scope of an online provider comparison, a favorable provider can be determined within a few minutes. It is worth knowing that a cost share of up to 30 to 50 percent can be saved in this way.

Current prices per 100 L heating oil price for Germany

Of course, prices can vary greatly depending on the region:
- Standard heating oil costs on average about 135 EUR per 100 liters;
- Bio heating oil is about 0.08 cents more expensive, so about 142, - EUR per 100L;
- The low-sulfur heating oil variant, in turn, currently costs around EUR 145 per 100 liters
- The cost of heating oil Super is about 148 EUR per 100 liters.
- Whereas diesel costs about 138 euros per 100 liters.

Status mid-2022 (Russia/Ukraine crisis).
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