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The sparkling wine tax (also called: "Sektsteuer") is an excise tax, which is levied in the Federal Republic of Germany on sparkling wines as well as on other spirits with a legally predefined alcohol content, as soon as they are imported.

At the same time, it is also dependent on the filling quantity. It dates back to 1902 and was introduced by the then Reichstag to finance the imperial war effort. Even though the purpose of the tax is significantly different today, this excise tax has been preserved until today. It is levied on the following types of spirits, among other alcoholic beverages:
  • Sekt
  • Perlwein
  • Spumante
  • Champagner
'Perlweine' as for example Secco, Prosecco or Frizzante are free of taxes.

How is the sparkling wine tax implemented by the legislator?

Sparkling wines are usually sold in 0.75-liter bottles and taxed at a flat rate of 1.02 euros, provided they contain at least 6 percent alcohol and leave the producer's premises. If the alcohol content is less than 6 percent, sparkling wines, on the other hand, are taxed at 0.38 euros per bottle.

It does not matter how high the retail price of a sparkling wine is in the beverage trade or supermarket, as the tax amount applies across the board. A bottle with a retail price of 2.99 euros, or 50.00 euros is therefore always taxed with the said 1.02 euros per bottle.

Calculate now with our practical sparkling wine tax calculator

Calc2Web now offers you a practical wine calculator, with which you can easily and quickly calculate the applicable tax costs for sparkling wine tax.

It is an advantageous and free tool for food retailers as well as for restaurants and hotels, with which you can effectively calculate your tax rate to the sparkling wine price and include the tax costs. To do this, enter the following information into the calculator tool:
  • Sparkling wine tax per HL (in hectoliters) in [€/HL].
  • Number of bottles per sales unit in [bottles/unit].
  • Number of sales units in units.
  • Content per bottle (in liters) in [liters/bottle].

Calculate sparkling wine tax

Then, with the click of a button, let the online calculator calculate the sparkling wine tax to be paid per liter, the sparkling wine tax per bottle, as well as the sparkling wine tax per sales unit, or the sparkling wine tax to be paid on the total quantity, which is due for import.
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