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Emergency Generator Fuel Consumption Calculator - Calculate Now

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Calculate now the individual consumption of an emergency generator

Emergency power generators supply electrical energy that is independent of the power grid and can be used for many purposes. Driven by an internal combustion engine, the integrated generator produces the desired electrical energy from mechanical energy.

Any equipment can be used wherever electrical energy is needed even in exceptional cases - for example, during power outages. Hospitals, chemical plants or nuclear power plants are examples. But emergency gensets can also replace the conventional power supply via the power grid wherever electrical energy is not initially available - for example, on construction sites.

Emergency Generator Fuel Consumption Calculator

The costs of emergency generator start with the purchase price. This is typically calculated by the wattage of your generator and the number of hours it will run per day. The cost of fuel consumption can be calculated by multiplying the number of hours of operation by the cost per gallon of fuel.

For example, an emergency generator that runs for 8 hours a day and uses 20 gallons of fuel per day will cost $2,400 per month in operating costs alone. If you have to pay for transportation costs as well, this can add even more to your bill!

Emergency gensets are available in various designs, capacities and sizes. In order to find the right generator for the specific case, the practical emergency generator consumption calculator from Calc2Web can be used. In the following sections, the structure and functionality of the free online calculator tool will be explained.

Why calculate the emergency generator consumption at all?

The correct dimensioning of the emergency generator is so important because the start-up energy required by the emergency generator is often many times higher than the later power requirement during operation.

The engine and generator of the emergency power unit should therefore have the right dimensions so that you, as the potential user of the unit, can supply it safely and trouble-free during its run-up - for example with gasoline or diesel. Otherwise, there is a risk of voltage dips or dangerous underfrequencies.

This is how the emergency generator calculator is structured

The free emergency generator calculator is equipped with two input fields as well as two drop-down menus. By entering, respectively selecting the appropriate menu items, you can now quickly and easily calculate the consumption of your individual emergency generator. As a result, the calculator gives you the consumption VkW in liters of fuel per hour. This is possible with the useful calculator tool for the following emergency genset types:

  • Diesel generators
  • Gasoline generators
  • Generators smaller than 10 kVA
  • Generators larger than 10 kVA

With kVA (or also: Kilo-Volt-Ampere) the apparent power of a generator is indicated, which is the actual wattage plus the respective power factor.

How to use the advantageous emergency generator consumption calculator

  1. First, enter the specific consumption of your emergency generator in the Kg/kWh field. Then enter the electrical power of your emergency generator in the kW field.
  2. Then select the fuel supply of your emergency generator in the Fuel Density (Rho) field.
  3. Finally, select the efficiency of your emergency generator in the Efficiency (Eta) field.
  4. Then click on the blue CALCULATE button below and get the actual consumption of your generator in liters of fuel per hour within seconds. Then check the determined consumption against the amount of fuel available to you and select the appropriate emergency generator based on this knowledge.

Where you can use the calculator

Use the practical emergency generator calculator, for example, in the building services department of your company. In addition, the calculator tool is also suitable for construction companies, hospitals as well as for the private sector.

On request, the advantageous tool can even be extended by individual adjustments. On Calc2Web 's website you will also find a number of other advantageous and, above all, free online calculators in HTML format.

If you are interested in our calculator tools, please feel free to contact us!

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