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We show how you can now create job references particularly quickly and easily with our practical job reference generator tool.

Creating complicated and time-consuming job references by hand was yesterday - now use our unique, digital tool for these everyday tasks. Thus, our free job reference generator now allows you to create first-class job references within a few clicks.

Take advantage of the versatile, ready-made formulations, our comprehensive grading and evaluation system, as well as the job reference-typical codes of our practical job reference generator tool. Especially for this topic, we offer you useful sample templates that you can use over and over again, every time.

However, our unique office tool offers you much more: important advice on the topic of reference preparation by the boss, which legal principles you have to observe and what you should also pay attention to as an employee when writing a reference.

This is how our free reference generator works

With the help of the practical selection fields in the areas of expertise, willingness to perform, method of working and many other points, you can create a document that serves as a reference by clicking on the individual grades - standard phrases are stored in the tool for each grade.

Compile your individual reference step by step and complete the reference with the topics reason for leaving, farewell formula and additional formulations.

You can also use the practical selection fields of our job reference generator tool for information about the employee. The same applies to your own company description and an appropriate introduction.

Click on the appropriate job reference within a few moments with a few clicks and let our free tool take over the possible formulations for you through the stored standard phrasing. After completing the details, you will receive a complete Word document, which only needs to be signed by you.

Popular phrases and their meaning in relation to the creation of job references

Our free job reference generator already has ready-made phrases that you can use to create your individual job references. As an example of this, we would like to share a few common evaluation phrases and their meanings with you:

  • He/She always made an effort to meet the requirements. - means: He/she made an effort, but could not meet the common standard.
  • He/She showed understanding and interest in his/her work. - means: Furnace-like interest was present, but performance was lacking.

Our free job reference generator uses the common secret codes for the creation of evaluation phrases, which are followed in the background by the eventual evaluation system, e.g:

  • to the fullest satisfaction. - corresponds to grade 1
  • to full satisfaction. - corresponds to grade 2
  • on the whole to our full satisfaction. - corresponds to grade 5
  • made aneffort - corresponds to grade 6

What you as a potential boss should pay attention to when writing references - legal basis for references

The legal basis for the preparation of references is the German Industrial Code ( GewO). This prescribes to you as a potential employer that the following two conditions must be fulfilled when drawing up job references:

  • the reference must be truthful
  • the reference must be written in a benevolent manner

The reference language itself uses standardized phrases - discrediting formulations or even open criticism are just as impermissible as, for example, direct grade evaluations. This is to ensure that you do not block your soon-to-be ex-employee's further job search.

What you as a potential employee should absolutely pay attention to in a job reference - what is legitimate and what you can contest

Every year in Germany, more than 10,000 of the so-called testimonial lawsuits are carried out on the basis of prohibited testimonial language. As a potential employee, you can file a legal objection against the corresponding, coded negative verdicts and even claim damages.

Consequently, employer's references that are not at least satisfactory, in which inadequate self-evident facts are brought to light or which have been issued in an unclean manner (e.g. by a scribbled signature of your boss) are to be challenged by the employee in any case.

Furthermore, hidden references in any job references that are aimed at potentially contacting the ex-employee's new employer are also not permitted.

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