Tax-free allowance Gainfully employed child supplement - Calculate Now

Standard requirements for single persons/single parents
Standard need no children

standard need for single or single parents

standard need partner

standard need U 25

standard need children 0 to 6 years

standard need RL for children from 6 to under 14 years

standard need children 14 to under

Standard requirement partner EUR
Standard requirement U 25 EUR
Standard requirement children 0 to 6 years EUR
Standard requirements RL for children from 6 to under 14 years of age EUR
Standard requirements for children 14 to under 18 years EUR

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Single parents or parent couples whose income is not sufficient to provide financially for their children are entitled to a child supplement in accordance with Section 6a of the Federal Child Benefit Act. Here, a basic allowance is applied, which depends on income. This calculator can be used to check how high the allowance is for employed persons.

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