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Company sizeö&airfield;e
1-3 employees

4-10 employees

11-20 employees

more than 21 employees

Basic package calculator
CALC PREMIUM package (69,-EUR)

CALC PRO package (179,-EUR)

CALC EXPERT SERVICE package (ab 390,-EUR)

Extension field count
Up to 15 input/output fields (0,-EUR)

16-40 input/output fields (19,-EUR)

41-100 input/output fields (39,-EUR)

101-150 input/output fields (59,-EUR)

more than 150 input/output fields (from 98,-EUR)

Extension PDF
no PDF print (0,-EUR)

incl. PDF print (49,-EUR)

incl. PDF print with header/footer & info text (69,-EUR)

incl. PDF print with header/footer & info text & customer offer mail (99,-EUR)

Extension visual
No visual effects (0,-EUR)

Pop-up boxes (19,-EUR)

Slider or pop-up window (29,-EUR)

Pop-up box(es), slider, pop-up window (59,-EUR)

Any visualization high-quality (from 298,-EUR)

Extension security
iframe integration or HTML + Javascript + code obfuscation (0,-EUR)

code outsourcing with Ajax module, PHP file, very secure (from 49,-EUR)

Extension simple MobileApp
no mobile app (0,-EUR)

iphone app or android app (129,-EUR)

iphone app AND android app (229,-EUR)

Extension MobileApp marketing
no app marketing (0,-EUR)

simple app marketing (99,-EUR)

extended app marketing (199,-EUR)

exclusive app marketing (299,-EUR)

Extension chart
no chart(s) (0,-EUR)

create your own data visualization in charts (49,-EUR)

our experts create your chart (129,-EUR)

Extension infographic
no infographic option (0,-EUR)

create your own infographic (49,-EUR)

incl. creation of an infographic by our experts (129,-EUR)

less discount
without discount

3% discount: for new customers

4% discount: for entrepreneurs

5% discount: for schools, educational institutes

7% discount: for existing customers

Final price net EUR/Calculator
Final price net incl. discount promotion EUR/Calculator

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