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Heat demand calculation: design of a new heating system - Calculate Now

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Home ownership is an obligation - that much is certain. It doesn't matter whether it's a new build or a purchased home. One factor that always plays a decisive role is the heating system.

How is the heating system properly sized and what should it cost in the end?

These questions arise when building a new house as well as when renovating an old house or when the case arises that the heating system needs to be renewed. At this point, the heat demand of the house must be determined. With the help of calculations a heat output results, which must be reached absolutely, in order to be able to heat the entire house also adequately.

Calculate the heat demand of the house for heating design

Our online calculator does not replace your calculations and planning, but it is definitely a small help in heating calculations that you can use to first determine the heat requirements of your house or your planned house. Please also note that these are only rough calculations that can be used as a basis for subsequent calculations.

To use the online calculator, first enter your zip code and your living space in square meters. You also have to enter the power per square meter, given in watts per square meter. Now only the factor of the hot water output is missing and the calculation can begin.

Calculation of the heating capacity of your heating system in kilowatts

The online calculator will now give you the heating capacity of your heating system in kilowatts and also the hot water capacity in kilowatts. These two results will give you the total rated heat output, which the online calculator will also give you. With these results you can now continue your calculations.

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