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So viel Gewicht verliert man, wenn man täglich zur Arbeit geht oder radelt

Many of us are familiar with this: Summer is approaching, but our favorite pants pinch and pinch. We are still far away from the bikini figure or the swimsuit figure. So what can we do? The fact is: Only those who eat fewer calories than they burn lose weight. We know this for a fact, and yet it's often so hard for us to do because the culinary temptations are sometimes just too great.

Increase calorie consumption directly on the way to work

So how about walking or biking to work? Not only does this help protect the environment, it also improves our fitness and circulation and builds muscle.

Half an hour of exercise a day will melt away the pounds

If you think you have to lift heavy weights or do sweaty sports every day, you're wrong. Even a casual walk, a round on the bike or with the skateboard can lead to losing weight, provided that through the movement a calorie deficit is achieved and it takes place regularly (at least 2 times a week).

Therefore, if we do not increase our basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories we consume daily), but at the same time we exercise regularly, we will lose weight.

How many calories do I consume at home or during sports?

With our online calculator you can calculate how many calories you burn on your way to work and how fast you could reach your goal. Of course, you can also calculate the calorie requirement and the basal metabolic rate while sitting here.

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