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Characteristic snow load
Zone 1 See 0.65 kN/m

Zone 1a See 0.81 kN/m

Zone 2 See 0.85 kN/m

Zone 2a See 1.06 kN/m

Zone 3 See 1.10 kN/m

Safety factor
Shape coefficient
Roof pitch > 30

Roof pitch between 30 to 60

From 60 roof pitch

Ambient coefficient
Temperature coefficient
Total snow load kN/m

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Particularly in the mountainous regions of Germany, in Austria or even in Switzerland, there are repeated reports in the media about the fatal effects that can be caused by excessive snow loads on roofs.

Winter Schneelast berechnen, Dach mit Schneefnger

In Austria, for example, the calculation of snow loads on buildings is subject to the so-called "Eurocode Önorm EN 1991-1-3". The effect of the (area-related) environmental influences as well as the calculation of the "permissible" loads caused by snow and ice are of a very decisive importance for the individual planning and organization in the course of the erection of supporting structures of all kinds.

The calculation bases specified in said Önorm concern, among other things, the choice of the required building materials or also the calculation of the respective permissible dead weights of all corresponding building materials.

maximale Schneelast berechnen

An equally important assessment basis for "house building" in snow-loaded areas is not only the static calculations, but also the structural condition of building components or the actual execution of building constructions.

In the worst case, any deviations or incorrect calculations can result in serious structural damage (collapses, etc.). Therefore, you can calculate the maximum roof load with the snow load calculator.

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