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With the online calculator for estimating the weight of your Koi, we want to offer you an aid that is important for feeding. Based on the result, you can see whether your Koi may be overweight or underweight. This information is necessary if you want to feed correctly.

Koi weight estimation

Koi do not have a stomach and due to this they do not have a feeling of satiety. Feeding is not easy due to the fact that the animals always show hunger. In general, people also tend to give animals too much rather than too little. However, overweight in fish can cause damage to their health, which certainly no one wants.

How much does my Koi weigh?

All you need to enter into our online calculator is the approximate length of the koi in centimeters and the estimate of the body shape in grams. As a result, you will get an estimated weight of your animal, which you can then work with. Your veterinarian will tell you what the ideal measurements and healthy weight of a koi are, or you can read up extensively on the Internet.

The right amount of Koi food

With the help of the body size you can also calculate the right amount of food. Also for this we offer an online calculator here. In this way, you always have the health of your fish in view and do nothing wrong when feeding. Then in this point the health of your Koi is not at risk.

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