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The Advent calendar for adults

Who does not know it? The excitement with which you opened your Advent calendar in the morning as a child - even if there was "just" chocolate behind the doors? Why not make an adult happy with an Advent calendar? Adults also find it great to be able to open a small gift every morning.

It doesn't have to be anything material, coupons, nice sayings, a photo cut into puzzle pieces or even "24 reasons why I love you" serve the same purpose, are very individual and prove that the gift-giver has really put thought and effort into it.

There are countless ways to design an Advent calendar and what to fill it with,

Calendar ideas to make yourself

There are really countless ways to make an Advent calendar - whether simple or complicated - you can let your creativity run wild:

  • You get a small fir tree and hang it with the small gifts.
  • Take 24 matchboxes (be careful, start collecting them early!) and glue them on the roof of a self-made house or build a pyramid or a fir tree out of them.
  • Paint a wooden panel or canvas with a Christmas motif, e.g., with acrylic paints (e.g., a Santa Claus stuck in a chimney - only the feet look out - the motif is easy to paint and funny), hammer nails into the frame, and attach the gifts to the picture so that you don't see the complete motif until the 24th. Then put or hang it in a nice place in the living room - if you like, you can also wrap a string of lights around it to provide effective lighting.
  • A shoebox is filled with the largest gift (for 12/24) and covered on both sides with painted cardboard cut out in a specific shape (which should be larger than the box). One of the two cardboards is provided with 24 loops (for each loop pierce 2 holes in the cardboard, pull a cord or gift ribbon through it and tie it together at the back). Then attach the gifts to the loops - hang - done!
  • Cover the front and back of 24 empty toilet paper rolls with foil or fabric, fill them with the gifts and then arrange them on a tray, in a basket or box and decorate with pine branches or cones.
  • The small gifts are nicely wrapped, placed in a large cardboard box, which was previously pasted with Christmas paper and embellished with fairy lights and Christmas decorations.
  • The gifts are attached with a cord to a clothesline, which is stretched, for example, through the hallway. Of course, socks are also perfect for this. The line can also be easily stretched on two opposite hooks on a wall.
  • On a bistro curtain rod, the gifts are hung directly on the window - so you also have a Christmas window decoration at the same time.

Vouchers in the Christmas calendar

If you do not want to fill the Advent calendar with material things, then we suggest a voucher Advent calendar. For each day you can think of a little something with which you can make the other person a little joy or brighten up the day, handwritten or typed on paper and perhaps decorate it nicely (or depending on the theme). So for example:

  • 1 x clear the car from snow and ice or wash,
  • a set breakfast table, with all the trimmings,
  • 1 x cleaning out the dishwasher (or other tasks that are usually done by the other person - vacuuming, cleaning windows, taking out the garbage, watering flowers... you can think of a lot),
  • taking care of the pets (if there are any),
  • a head, hand, back, foot or full body massage (or your choice),
  • a delicious home-cooked meal,
  • a nice walk through the winter forest,
  • a car wash,
  • a free wish of your choice
  • the reading of a bedtime story,
  • 1 x babysitting,
  • a joke with a laugh guarantee,
  • a hot-water bottle to be put in bed before going to sleep
  • the joint visit to the french fry stand incl. "Manta plate",
  • a joint visit to the Christmas market including mulled wine or hot cocoa,
  • a joint jogging round or aerobics lesson,
  • 1 x going out for ice cream - some ice cream parlors are also open in winter,
  • 1 x watching the other person's favorite series or movie together, or "ruling the remote control for an evening",
  • 1 x walking the dog,
  • a joint shopping tour followed by a stop at a café (without nagging if it takes longer to try on clothes),
  • 1 x taking clothes to the cleaners and picking them up again,
  • 1 x dusting the PC and cleaning the keyboard from crumbs,
  • one evening just listening,
  • fetching drinks from the cellar,
  • 1 x playing chauffeur,
  • 10 or 100 kisses, hugs or kind words.

How to fill Advent calendars for adults.

As an alternative, you can put together a mix of small gifts, coupons and sayings. Here are a few suggestions for "material" Advent calendar contents:

  • Cosmetic samples (shower gel, hair spray, hair gel, hair treatment, face mask, hand cream, body lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, shaving cream, self-tanning wipe, perfume samples, bath foam, bath balls, bath sponge, squeaky duck, bath salts, bath bubble tablets, mini soaps, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow).
  • Eyeglass wipes (if needed)
  • Band-aids
  • Cooking recipes, maybe even written by yourself
  • Individually wrapped mini sausages (shelf-stable without refrigeration, of course)
  • Mini portions of cereal, cornflakes, etc.
  • Mini portions of jam, honey or nut-nougat cream
  • small book (e.g. "The Book of Calm" by Paul Wilson or "Do you know how much I love you?")
  • razor blades
  • a self-compiled music CD with the favorite songs of the person receiving the gift
  • Sweets in all variations (each packed in small portions so that they stay fresh), chewing gum, peppermint candies, etc.
  • Miniature board, skill, and card games (available at specialty toy stores and bric-a-brac stores)
  • Tea bags (individually wrapped) in a variety of flavors or cappucino in a single-serving bag
  • Lighter or matches
  • Keychain
  • Hand warmers (liquid-filled pillows that heat up after a small metal plate is snapped into place, provide heat for about 1/2 hour, and then can be recharged in boiling water - fascinating!)
  • socks/ gloves
  • Toothbrush (also available with first name)
  • Coffee cup with funny motive
  • Vitamin tablets
  • Refreshing towels
  • Scratch cards (available at the lottery office)
  • Candles
  • Ballpoint pen
  • small photo of you and your loved one, in a nice frame
  • bookmark
  • mini calendar
  • bottle opener/corkscrew
  • eraser/ pencil sharpener
  • Scarf, possibly even self-knitted
  • scented oil
  • self-written poem
  • Piccolo champagne, wine or mini liquor bottle
  • a symbolic key to your heart
  • mini radio
  • small stuffed animal
  • writing pad
  • nail file
  • shoe shine set

Order individual Advent calendars online

If you don't have the time and creativity to make your own Advent calendar, you can find a large selection of pre-made calendars in stores that you can fill yourself, for example, made of wood or cardboard with doors or drawers, made of fabric or felt with small bags, etc.

But remember to order the calendar early enough. Too often the really nice models are sold out at the last minute.

Advent calendars for kids

The following is about sweetening the Advent season for the little ones.

Many children receive a chocolate Advent calendar as a gift shortly before the start of the Advent season - some even receive several. In addition to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives often want to make the children in the family happy with Advent calendars of all kinds. Each and every Advent calendar is certainly heartfelt and well intentioned, but too much chocolate could possibly have a negative effect on the offspring's health or become a bit boring in the long run.

For this reason, many parents like to reach for Advent calendars from various toy manufacturers. The selection is huge. From A for Ark Noah Advent calendars for reading aloud to B for Barbie, L for LEGO, P for Princess Lillifee or even Playmobil and Z for Zapf's Baby Born, Advent calendars are available for many of the stars and play worlds loved by the little ones. There are also puzzle ball or puzzle Advent calendars for little tinkerers, Pixie Advent calendars with 24 little mini-books for bookworms, or even tea Advent calendars for little tea drinkers to choose from.

If you prefer to make your own Advent calendar, you can give free rein to your creativity and design and fill it according to your child's individual preferences and tastes. Here you can also easily involve the dear relatives who actually wanted to give an Advent calendar themselves, so that they can contribute only a few mini-gifts or even sweets to prevent that the offspring is "flooded" with several Advent calendars.

Craft ideas for Christmas

Whether the Advent calendar should be completely self-made or a fillable calendar is selected, depends not least on whether one has time and desire to become creative. Various discounters offer Advent calendars to fill yourself shortly before the Advent season and also on the Internet you can find the most different variants. For example, you can find little bags made of felt, cotton or other often Christmas patterned fabrics, which can be attached to a string and hung decoratively.

Also structures from small cardboard boxes or wooden boxes in the most diverse Christmas shapes invite to fill the small attentions. Who would like to become at least still partly creative, has the possibility to buy so-called Advent calendar blanks - for example from wood, with 24 small drawers, which can be painted and decorated after desire and mood. The advantage of fillable Advent calendars - whether homemade or purchased - is that they can usually be used several times and thus find their use every year anew. Apart from that, they are pretty to look at and bring Christmas spirit into the home.

Alternative to the Advent calendar: The Advent stocking - this is filled every day new

If you want to make an Advent calendar yourself, you should first think about the placement. The children's room could possibly be a place where it is too tempting for the child to already open all the packages at once and should therefore be chosen wisely.

Rooms that are used communally, such as the kitchen or living room, are ideal in that they are under observation all day, especially for smaller children.

Attention to children's curiosity: To protect the Advent calendar from particularly curious eyes and hands, a place could be chosen that is difficult for the child to reach - e.g. on the wall or on a cupboard. Those who want to save themselves and their child unnecessary frustration could also decoratively place only one mini-gift each day so that the child is not tempted:

  • Anyone who owns a sewing machine and is reasonably proficient at sewing won't have a hard time sewing 24 little bags out of Christmas fabric and sticking, painting, embroidering or adding a cardboard or paper tag with numbers to each one from 1 to 24. A cord can either be knotted around each sachet or worked inside the sachet. Of course, socks (such as discarded baby socks) can be reused instead of the bags. Two opposite hooks are screwed into the wall, here the bags can either be directly knotted or attached with clothespins. The string can of course also be stretched across the room or placed around a stair railing.
  • The mini gifts can also be packed in thoroughly cleaned and nicely glued or decorated yogurt pots, sandwich bags, napkins or gift bags.
  • A lot of time and work is required for a so-called Christmas village. It consists of 24 small houses made of paper or cardboard, a church, small trees, etc. and is nicely arranged on a table, windowsill or a cardboard or wooden plate. Floor plans of paper houses can be found here, for example: (supplier example:
  • Small penguins, sheep or other animals are made from cardboard rolls and clay cardboard. A red Christmas hat made of fabric, crepe or clay paper, which is put over the toilet roll, together with a absorbent cotton roll for the beard, turns a cardboard roll into a little Santa Claus. In this way, entire penguin colonies, flocks of sheep or Santa Claus communities can be created from cardboard rolls. Alternatively, you can quickly turn cardboard rolls into pretty candles by covering them with colored paper, cutting out a flame from yellow clay paper and gluing it to the rolls.
  • A canvas or wooden board is covered with Christmas fabric, painted or pasted with wrapping paper. Of course, a Christmas motif (star, moose, fir tree, etc.) can also be sawn out of a wooden board. Then 24 nails or hooks are screwed or nailed into it. Small bags or napkins - closed with gift ribbon or cord - can now be hung up here. 24 small boxes (e.g. matchboxes, self-made boxes, etc.) can also be attached with the hot glue gun - here, however, it must be checked whether the stability is still given when hanging up or whether the calendar should possibly be placed horizontally.
  • An inflated balloon forms the basis for a hot air balloon Advent calendar made of papier-mâché. This is nicely decorated and hung with a basket filled with the small gifts.
  • The mini gifts can also be attached excellently and decoratively to small (potted) firs, woven wreaths, sturdy branches, climbing aids for plants, discarded ladders, etc.

Filling children's Advent calendars

If you want to fill the Advent calendar yourself, you will find some suggestions below. Of course, the choice depends on the gender, age and interests of the child. Of course, it is up to the parents' discretion what the scope and value of the Advent calendar should be.

Sweets in wrapped form: Chewing gums, gummy bears, chocolate bars, etc. depending on taste and personal preferences - although an Advent calendar can also be completely without sweets - this depends not only on the child, but also on the wishes of the parents.

  • Cookies or cookies, conveniently packaged, perhaps even home-baked,
  • mini-books,
  • Music CD with favorite (Christmas) songs,
  • Miniature board, skill and card games,
  • Keychain with favorite motif,
  • socks, gloves or scarf,
  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Mini flashlight,
  • Crayons, markers, eraser and sharpener,
  • Mini calendar,
  • bookmark,
  • small stuffed animal,
  • Writing pad,
  • Bath toys, bath water paint, bath foam, crackle bath or paint soap,
  • Hand warmers (liquid-filled pillows that heat up after a small metal plate is snapped into place, provide heat for about 1/2 hour, and can then be recharged in boiling water),
  • Toy cars,
  • Balls, flummies, or marbles,
  • Children's scissors,
  • Accessories and extensions for existing toys: Fruit, vegetables, crockery or cutlery for the play kitchen, store accessories, Punch and Judy figures, building blocks, tracks or buildings, trees and figures for the train, farm animals, zoo animals, blackboard chalk, play figures of favorite stars, dolls' clothes, equipment for the doll's house,
  • hair clips, hair ties and jewelry,
  • plasticine and modeling clay,
  • puzzles,
  • stamps,
  • surprise eggs,
  • washcloths,
  • tattoos,
  • stickers,
  • coloring pictures (can be printed directly from the net),
  • a story, a riddle, a cooking or baking recipe (to be tried together afterwards, of course),
  • a photo of each family member or a puzzle of a family photo,
  • bubbles,
  • balloons,
  • homemade origami figures, paper airplanes or paper ships,
  • animal figures,
  • window pictures,
  • finger puppets,
  • wind-up animals.

Of course, you can also wrap an entire multi-part gift in an Advent calendar, for example, a puzzle, board game, memory game, paint-by-numbers picture (one color for each day), a train set, a Christmas crib, a dollhouse, a doctor's kit, a building block or play set from LEGO, Playmobil or similar.

Ideas for children's calendars - vouchers

Also with vouchers for joint activities you can make the little ones a great joy and hereby make the Advent season more beautiful for the whole family.

It may make sense to place the vouchers in the Advent calendar on the evening before, to take into account the weather and schedules of the family. For example, the following activities might be a good idea:

  • baking cookies together,
  • an extra bedtime story or a long Christmas story,
  • watching a DVD together in the evening or afternoon
  • playing board or console games together,
  • snowball fight,
  • sledding or ice skating,
  • doing handicrafts together,
  • winter walk,
  • Christmas market visit,
  • visit to the swimming pool,
  • Indoor playground or climbing gym visit,
  • pony riding or a visit to a riding stable,
  • playing basketball or handball together,
  • trip to the museum,
  • staying up late for 1 night,
  • singing Christmas carols together.

No matter which variant you choose, whether expensive or inexpensive: The main thing is that the Advent calendar comes from the heart!

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