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Beer tax per degree Plato
Original wort content (degrees Plato)
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Capacity per bottle (l)
Beer tax per hectoliter of beer (EUR/hl)
Beer tax per liter of beer (EUR/l)
Beer tax per bottle (EUR/bottle)
Beer tax per sales unit (EUR/unit)
Beer tax amount all bootles (EUR)
Beer including tax Total amount for all bottles (EUR)

Like alcohol tax and sparkling wine tax, beer tax is also a consumption tax and is therefore incurred upon consumption. If companies have a beer tax warehouse, they can receive beverages containing beer under suspension of this tax. With the sale to a recipient who does not operate a tax warehouse (e.g. supermarket), this tax is due and is calculated into the sales price.

In Germany, the amount of beer tax depends on the original wort content. In Germany, the standard tax rate is EUR 0.787 per HL/ per degree Plato. The other EU countries also levy beer tax in topic beverages.

In Austria, for example, it is EUR 2.00 per hectoliter of beer per degree Plato of original wort content.

Finland currently levies the highest beer tax at EUR 154.84 per hectoliter, while Romania brings up the rear with EUR 8.72 per HL.
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