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Increasing sales and winning new customers with direct mailings

The central question in marketing a product, service or website is: How do we reach more customers, thereby increasing our reach and boosting our sales? Cold calling by telephone and e-mail mailings are forbidden if contact has not yet been established. In this respect, a postal mailing can be an alternative when it comes to attracting new customers. Calculate your mailing costs online here.

The first step: finding the right target group for your mailing campaign

The first step in planning a mailing is to find the right target group. To do this, you should put yourself in the shoes of your clientele and think about WHO exactly NOW your product or service can be an asset to. If you already have a data base that you want to mail to, select the appropriate target group based on industry codes, company size, number of employees or other parameters relevant to your product. If, for example, you are offering a seminar on employee management in small and medium-sized companies, you should select the customers based on the size of the company and your catchment area. If you do not yet have a suitable address frame, you have the option of purchasing the appropriate data from various address dealers. The more precise the target group definition, the higher the chances of success for your mailing.

The right time for a direct mailing

The timing should also be well chosen. Consider, for example, that some companies start planning their Christmas business as early as January - for these companies, it could be too late if they are not made aware of your current Christmas promotions with a mailing until November. If you are already in contact with your target group, you should therefore manage every customer contact digitally and save as much information as possible.

Make a note of when and at what intervals requirements (for seasonal business, for example) are planned and orders placed, new projects tendered or completed, so that your mailing arrives at the appropriate time. Keep in mind that the probability of your mailing reaching the right addressee may be lower during vacation periods and important industry trade fairs.

Generate attention

Direkt Marketing Postmailing MailingergebnisGiven the volume of mail that arrives in homes and businesses every day, it often takes only seconds to decide whether your letter goes straight to the trash or is read, forwarded, attracts interest and leads to an order. The first impression is therefore decisive. The first priority is therefore to attract attention. Whether this is done through a particularly attractive discount promotion, a new product or an innovation: Look for a hook that arouses interest and promises a benefit for your potential customer.

A flyer with a high-quality design will look more professional than a simple letter. Try to answer the first questions your customer might have in your mailing, so that your customer can already assess whether the product you are offering is at all suitable for him. If you have finally aroused your customer's interest, he should be prompted to act with a "call to action" closing sentence. For example, the closing sentence of your mailing could invite them to take advantage of your discount promotion, visit your trade show booth, store or website.

Successful online direct mail campaign

Ultimately, the success of your mailing is related to many factors that you can only partially influence. Ideally, a mailing represents a door opener that generates new contacts, increases your order volume and also leads to sustainable additional sales in the long term.

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