Marketing Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice marketing calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Free Facebook Budget Calculator for PPC Ads Optimization

Calculate Facebook Ads Calculator, Facebook Cost Calculator Facebook Ads Calculator

This Facebook Ads Budget Calculator is a simple tool. Ask yourself, how much Facebook budget do I need to reach my desired revenue? This calculator will calculate your revenue target, average CPM & CTR.

Topics: Marketing, Online Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Business, Advertising, PPC Marketing | Status: free to use

How much I should invest for a direct mailing marketing campaign

Calculate cost advertising letter,  mailing letter cost

Clear mailing cost calculator for planning a letter mailing or e-mail mailing in the field of direct marketing.

Topics: Economy, Business, Advertising, Marketing, Companies, Selling, | Status: free to use

Lead Magnet Funnel Calculator | Sales Funnel Optimization Test

Calculate effective sales controlling, perfect sales control calculate leads

Is your site optimized to generate countless customer inquiries via clickfunnels? Take the funnel test.

Topics: Economy, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Stores, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use

Calculate Intrinsic Share Values Instantly With our Calculators

Calculate Net asset value, financial analysis of assets intrinsic value gold
The intrinsic value of a stock (intrinsic value) is an indication, according to Benjamin Graham, of what you would get if you sold a company's stock at the current price. This value can be calculated using a number of factors, including the current price, dividend yield, and earnings per share. Topics: Finances, Money, Assets, Shares, Securities, Stock Market, Stocks, Capital, Companies, Analysis, Markets | Status: free to use

Cost of writing calculator - price for perfect content

Calculate freelance copywriting fees, SEO copywriting prices copywriting prices per word

Price calculator for writing services - creating high-quality editorial content.

Topics: Writing, Texting, Business, Marketing, Company, SEO, Advertising | Status: free to use

Postage calculator costs DHL shipping ber Post

Simple postage calculator for Germany-wide (nationwide) parcel shipping or Päckenversand via the German Post including additional service costs.

Topics: Business, Shipping, Logistics, Marketing, Transportation | Status: free to use

Is your site optimized to generate many inquiries via Clickfunnels? Take the test and calculate the costs.

Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Shops, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use

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