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Cost per jar of tomato sauce from the oven incl. preserving
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Tomaten aus dem eigenen Garten lassen sich prima einkochenFreshly cooked tomato sauce is a dream in summer. But if you still want to have some in the fall and winter, you can't help but preserve the tomato sauce, e.g. by boiling it down. This way you can preserve the summer flavors for the colder seasons.

Fresh tomatoes are not only particularly aromatic in summer, but also inexpensive, because they can be easily grown in Germany, so there are no long transport routes and the associated loss of quality. Growing tomatoes in your own garden is also unproblematic. Some varieties are particularly susceptible to blight, which can be prevented by growing them in a greenhouse or tomato house, but other varieties are also suitable for the open field or raised bed. Even on the balcony or terrace, tomato cultivation is unproblematic. Those who are blessed with a glut of tomatoes will be delighted with great recipes for the utilization of fresh tomatoes.

A classic is certainly the tomato sauce. It is an excellent accompaniment not only to pasta, but also in combination with antipasti, for pizza, as a base for a Bolognese or lasagna, tomato sauce cuts a fine figure. The best recipe we tested for a tasty tomato sauce actually comes from the oven and is both simple and refined. And it lends itself to making this sauce in advance, so you can always have the great summer flavors on hand, even in winter. You can find the great recipe and instructions for canning here:

All you need is 3 kg of ripe tomatoes, thyme, sugar, olive oil and salt. If you have other Mediterranean herbs on hand, feel free to experiment with oregano, rosemary and basil, but I assure you that even without a variety of herbs, the sauce tastes deliciously summery, aromatic and tomatoey. You can then boil down the sauce in the canning pot as described in the recipe or on a baking tray. To do this, place the jars in a baking pan filled with water in an oven heated to 100° C and let them boil down for about 1 hour - however, the boiling down time only counts when bubbles in the jars indicate that the sauce is boiling.

The recipe linked above is enough for 5 jars/bottles of 250 ml each. With this online calculator you can find out what costs arise from the preparation of the tomato sauce and the subsequent preservation of the jars in the oven and whether you can save money compared to buying ready-made sauce. We assume that the electricity consumption is not permanent, since a standard oven does not heat up permanently, but only when the temperature falls below the target temperature.

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