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With the practical service charge calculator, you can now easily calculate your individual incidental rental costs - this is how it works

Incidentalcost statements are always a vexing topic for most tenants, but with a practiced look at seemingly confusing invoices, it is easy to understand whether a tenant's incidental cost statement is permissible or set too high.

Although checking your incidental rental cost statement is not a really exciting and enjoyable leisure activity, on average around 80 percent of all incidental rental cost statements are simply wrong.

In order to find out fast and uncomplicated whether your individual additional expenses comp utation lies approximately in the framework, immediately our useful, free rent additional expenses computer tool is to you at at the disposal.

In the following sections, we would like to introduce you to our helpful online calculator tool, the online rental cost calcul ator, in more detail and show you how you can use it to your advantage.

These are the average ancillary costs of the Germans by area

An initial overview of whether the rent service charge statement you receive could be more or less true is provided by a comparison of your own living space, multiplied by the current average service charges per square meter of living space of around 2.14 euros in the old federal states, or 2.27 euros in the new federal states.

Furthermore, you can also include individual circumstances in your calculation of incidental rental costs: this includes, for example, clean-brushed chimneys or underfloor heating as well as special thermal insulation on the walls of the house, etc. Furthermore, it also plays a role whether the rental apartments surrounding you are rented out and are regularly heated for their part.

According to statistics from the German Tenants' Association, the following average ancillary rental costs are incurred depending on the size of the apartment:

Living space in square meters 30 m² 40 m² 50 m² 60 m² 80 m² 100 m² 120 m²
Incidental rental costs per year in € 780 € 1.050 € 1.300 € 1.600 € 2.075 € 2.600 € 3.125 €

Different cost drivers of a renting additional expenses account once listed

In the course of our research, we have analyzed over 50,000 incidental rental cost statements for you and have come to the conclusion that the largest cost drivers are the following items:

  • Hot water - here there are individual cost differences, but also consumption-independent cost shares to consider.
  • Heating costs - basic costs are consumption-independent, efficiency of the type of heating is important and also whether the building is thermally insulated and lastly, the same applies here: If you use more heating, you pay more.
  • Building cleaning costs - in some places there are large differences in costs depending on the type of building and the scope of services provided.
  • Maintenance and repair work - in the case of dilapidated building fabric or extensive maintenance work such as facade renovation, individual billing years can be more cost-intensive than others.
  • Vacancy - vacant residential units are an invitation for many landlords to pass on lost costs to existing tenants by means of apportionment, and thus incorrect apportionment costs can have a massive negative impact on your ancillary rental costs statement.
  • Number of people in the household - especially hot water, sewage and heating usage vary considerably by the number of people living in the household.

If several of these items are listed on your incidental rental cost statement, in the worst case up to 3.50 euros per square meter of living space can come to light and potentially be justified. However, keep a close eye on which services were actually offered to you and which were not - if you are not provided with a concierge, for example, this may not be billed either.

This is how the free incidental rental cost calculator works

In order to be able to use the free rent incidental costs calcul ator, you simply have to enter your individual postal code(PLZ) as well as the size of your individual living space in square meters(m²) into the calculator tool.

In the next step, simply click on Calculate and within a few moments, our free and independent calculator tool will calculate the average incidental rental costs per square meter of living space in € per month and per year.

Furthermore, the service charge calculation tool provides information about the percentage of all incorrectly calculated service charge calculations in your region - you can already see your individual potential to contest your service charge calculation due to incorrect calculations.

Conclusion on the subject of ancillary rental costs statements with our ancillary costs tool

In any case, you should take a look at our advantageous calculator tool after receiving your incidental rental cost statement and should check whether the incidental rental cost statement created for you could be within the usual range.

However, you can also use our practical tool for your individual apartment search. In this way, you can already recognize in advance, on the basis of the information in the exposé, to what extent this is a reputable landlord, or an efficient and high-quality building.

In perspective, our service charge calculator can help you save money and find the right apartment for you and your family!

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