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Cleaning household

Household cleaning


Cleaning apartment house

Building cleaning


Cleaning floor(s)

Apartment cleaning

Hallenreinigung Industriereinigung

Cleaning hall, commercial building

Hall cleaning


Office cleaning

Office cleaning

Treppenreinigung Eingangsreinigung

Cleaning stairs/entrance

Stairs cleaning

Fensterreinigung Fassadenreinigung

Windows & Facades

Window cleaning

Winterdienst Hausmeisterservice

path & winter services

path-/winter service

Note on professional cleaning companies

Commercial cleaning companies are very important when it comes to cleaning a property or the exterior. For the most part, the companies take a very careful approach and use trained cleaners. Every nook and corner of a building is cleaned perfectly. The team uses the latest and adequate cleaning materials. Be it special cloths, with which complicated and stubborn stains are removed, or a special detergent solution, which is better absorbed.

Also, detergents are used for disinfection, which develop a good scent, so that the people who are in a property home feel absolutely comfortable. Hiring a professional cleaning company can be expensive if you have the wrong company. Therefore, it is worth hiring them especially if a property is very large and counts several hundred square meters. Consider whether you want to do the work yourself or use an experienced company.

Attention when choosing the right cleaning company

However, the most important factor is trust in the cleaning company. Check in advance exactly how long the company has already been on the market, how many employees are employed and whether there are already experiences to the cleaning company (Google reviews). Give the cleaning professionals a small cleaning job first to check if everything is working properly.

In any case, the building cleaners should have a decent liability insurance, so that costs are also reimbursed in case of accidental damage or theft.

The company should be absolutely neat, 100% reliable in terms of time and absolutely trustworthy. If he is also inexpensive and sets fair or reasonable cleaning costs, you can tender for professional cleaning or commission it directly.

At this cost calculator you will find sample prices for window cleaning, stair cleaning, interior cleaning, window cleaning, apartment cleaning, winter services or janitorial services.

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