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Even if the child probably does not perceive its first birthday as such, it is a very important day for many and is also celebrated accordingly - either together with crawling group friends or with the family - or with everyone together. Often, it is also the first time the birthday child is treated to treats such as cake or muffins - although healthy options are also welcome here.

Balls for ball bath

A ball pool (a tent or paddling pool filled with hundreds of different colored plastic balls) is a great idea for children over the age of one. Here they can romp and "splash" as they please, train their coordination along the way, and have a lot of fun in the process - not just in toddlerhood, but for many years beyond. As a rule, the available pools contain about 100 -200 balls, which, however, are usually not enough and can be topped up for an even greater fun factor. However, one should be aware before purchasing a ball pool that the balls are usually spread throughout the room, house or garden and the child's parents will probably be constantly busy collecting them.

Other suggestions for gift ideas for the first birthday, baptism or already for the birth.

Bobby Car Tuning - Bobby Car special equipment

Provided that a slide vehicle is already available, it may be useful to provide the "special equipment" for the vehicle. An electronic horn delights the little ones (but usually annoys the big ones). Shoe pads are especially well received by parents, as riding a sliding vehicle usually ruins shoes very quickly. A push bar allows parents to determine the direction and help the still uncertain riders. The license plate personalized with the child's name gives the Bobby Car a personal touch.

The trailer finally offers the little racers storage space for the really important things (cookies, toys, sand shovel and bucket, etc.). Should the choice fall on a running wheel, it should be noted that most children can ride it at the earliest at about 2 years. However, there are also running wheels with 4 wheels available for 1-year-olds, which are similar to a slide vehicle, but which the child can already ride on the

Provided that an inflatable paddling pool is used as a pool, this, filled with water, also offers wonderful bathing fun in summer. But play tents without balls are also a good gift for one-year-olds, because they love to hide themselves and their treasures in "caves", to retreat, or just to snuggle in.

Balls - no matter whether they are large or small - they must not be so small that they can be swallowed - also inspire the little ones. They can crawl behind them, later run, and do their first throwing, catching, and shooting exercises with them. In the process, they learn a lot about gravity and physics.

Learning to walk with baby carriages

There are plenty of baby walkers. They encourage the child to pull himself up on them and push them in front of him. However, care should be taken at the time of purchase to ensure that the child is not traveling a little too fast with such a stroller and could fall. Many so-called baby walkers are actually only suitable for children who can already walk safely. But pushing different vehicles is also fun for experienced walkers. Classic baby walkers, either made of wood or plastic, are usually equipped with various play elements that the child can explore while already seated before walking.

But other rollable toys are also very popular. Whether it's the sliding construction cart, which is already filled with building blocks, but with which the child can also transport all the toys and his cuddly toys from A to B, or the classic doll carriage, which will certainly give the child pleasure for a long time. Lawn mowers, pull-along animals, push toys and push bikes are also fun, encourage children to run and develop their motor skills.

Encouraging creativity in children

Children begin to develop an enthusiasm for rhythm and melody as early as babyhood. In this respect, everything that revolves around the topic of music is exciting for the little ones. This starts with musical instruments suitable for children, continues with electronic keyboards or learning and song books and does not stop with CD players or cassette recorders and music CDs/ MCs. In addition to classical children's songs, the music of Detlev Jöcker (whose songs are very easy to understand and therefore ideal for the youngest children) and Rolf Zuckowski are particularly popular with toddlers.

At around one year of age, children begin to take an interest in drawing. However, crayons are only suitable to a limited extent for this age, as they are still frequently put in the mouth. However, alternatives such as coloring mats or magic boards are available, although the latter are actually only suitable for children over the age of 3 due to small parts that can be swallowed. Painting and drawing are often among toddlers' absolute favorite pastimes and encourage their creativity.

Dolls and cuddly toys for babies promote social behavior

Cuddly friends often accompany children into adulthood. That's why cuddly toys and dolls are always a popular gift. In the first two years of life, they are particularly suitable as a loyal companion for sleeping and cuddling, after which they are also popular for role play. For the first birthday, cuddly toys that are particularly soft and do not have small parts that can be swallowed, such as sewn-on eyes, are suitable. Soft dolls also meet these criteria. If it should be a baby doll, these are already available for 1-year-olds. At 32-36 cm long, they are smaller than the usual baby dolls and therefore much easier for the little ones to handle. They also have fixed eyes (i.e. no sleeping eyes, which could pose a choking hazard).

Toddler toys for outside

Toys for outside are especially suitable for spring and summer children. Very popular is the sandbox, which the little ones usually discover for themselves around the 1st birthday. Here they develop their creativity, love of nature and experience their first role-playing games (baking cakes, building castles, etc.). Of course, it is also a good idea to give sandbox toys as gifts. Be it buckets, shovels, rakes, watering cans and sieves, or construction vehicles, cake and other molds, sand mills and ice cream spoons. If you don't have a playground nearby and a large garden, you will certainly be happy about a climbing frame, a slide, a seesaw or a swing (or a combination of several pieces of playground equipment). In addition to motor skills, this equipment also promotes a sense of balance and the fun of exercising in the fresh air.

Promoting motor skills in children

Toddlers like to compare, assess and sort things. That's why children love to play with blocks on their 1st birthday. The aim is to stack building blocks, wooden blocks, rings or symbols in different shapes and colors either on a pegboard or pyramid or to sort them into the correct recess in a peg cube or peg box. Colorful sorting games remain interesting at least until the 2nd birthday and are brought out again and again. By plugging in shapes and objects, children train their spatial thinking as well as their perceptive skills and fine motor skills.

Making a plug-in game for children yourself

By the way, a plug-in game is also very easy to make yourself. You need for it:

A discarded coffee/cappucino can
A pair of scissors, a cutter or a pointed knife
Lids (e.g. from baby jars), building blocks, etc. that can be used as plug-in toys
First, cut the lid of the cappuccino jar so that the peg toys can easily slide through. Make sure that there are no sharp edges and sand them down if necessary.

Then the game can already start! Place the toys next to the can and show the child how to put them in the can. Soon the child will be able to do it himself, fill the can with the building blocks or lids and have great fun. Of course, you should regularly inspect the toy for sharp edges, chipping paint, etc and replace damaged parts immediately and never let the child play with the toy unsupervised.

Wooden and foam building blocks Building blocks

Interest in building blocks increases more and more around the 1st birthday. They are not only suitable for building towers and knocking them over again and again, or for lining them up next to each other - they are also popular for loading and unloading vehicles again and again, or for hiding them in all the impossible places in the house to see if mom and dad can find them again. Building blocks made of wood have the advantage that the child learns more about gravity, balance and the relationship between size and weight. Plastic building blocks (probably best known: Lego Duplo), on the other hand, can be built into taller towers, skyscrapers and bridges without collapsing. Another advantage is that systems like Lego Duplo, which are interesting up to about the 5th birthday, can be extended indefinitely. In addition to the building blocks, vehicles, animals, figures and other accessories are also available and allow the creation of new play worlds. Whether it's the farm, the zoo, the train, the construction site, the police and fire department, the apartment building or the airport - all of the children's senses are addressed here.

Jigsaw puzzles for toddlers - peg puzzles and animal puzzles

The fun of sorting is also fulfilled by jigsaw puzzles, which even one-year-olds enjoy. Popular motifs are farm or zoo animals, construction vehicles and objects from everyday life. Most peg puzzles are equipped with a round button on each puzzle piece, which can be easily grasped and sorted by little hands. There doesn't need to be more than 15 pieces to get started. Cardboard puzzles are also available for one-year-olds, such as animal puzzles that consist of 2 pieces each, or puzzle cards with only one object or animal punched out.

Bathtub toys for toddlers

Building towers is similarly exciting for the little ones. Even the youngest children can do this with stacking cups, which can not only be piled on top of each other, but also stacked inside each other. This game fascinates the little ones in the first and second year of life. Stacking cups, which are also often used as bath toys, promote concentration, hand-eye coordination and dexterity and are usually available in bright colors and sometimes also printed or embossed with funny motifs.

Ball track for toddlers

Toddlers love to observe things. Therefore, a marble run is also wonderful as a gift for 1-year-olds. Ball tracks are a dime a dozen - but they should not be too high for toddlers (40 cm is quite enough) and the balls should be large enough so that they cannot be swallowed. For the little ones, there are also electric ball tracks that make melodies or sounds and guide the balls back up so that the child can catch them and put them back in. Whether made of wood or plastic, ball tracks promise great fun and incidentally promote observation skills and motor skills.

Practical gifts for toddlers

Practical things are also very popular gifts for one-year-olds. Starting with clothes, which you can actually always use. Apart from the right size at the right time of year (clarify the size beforehand if possible - anything between 74 and 92 could be there), tastes in children's clothing sometimes diverge, so it could be difficult to find the right one. It is always recommended to give pieces that are either easy to combine or to give a whole set (pants / skirt with matching top).

Attention when buying shoes for babies and toddlers

Shoes should always be tried on before buying, so buying shoes blindly is generally not advisable for children. Also so-called Krabbelpuschen are again and again a gladly taken gift for infants. Usually made of leather and in many cases handmade, they support the child in its first crawling and walking attempts and offer a little more support than socks, but do not constrict the feet and keep the feet nice and warm at the same time.

For outsiders, it is not always easy to find the right shoe size for crawling slippers or socks. The following list is intended to provide a small guide:

Length of a foot (cm)
Shoe size
Newborn up to 3 months 9-10 16
7 months to 1 year 10-11 17-18
1 to 1.5 years 11-12 19-20
1.5 to 2.5 years 13-15 20-21
2.5 to 3 years 15-16 22-23

Child seat for car and cheap children's furniture

High chairs, child seats for the car or the bicycle, or bicycle trailers are also frequently expressed as a wish for the first birthday. Here it makes sense to inform oneself about the current test results of independent institutes before the purchase. It is not advisable to save on safety, so the purchase of used child seats should be carefully considered. A bicycle helmet can also be a sensible purchase for the first birthday, as many children start riding a bicycle as a passenger at this age.

Children's furniture is also a popular first birthday gift. Whether it's a larger bed (loft beds are far from suitable for this age, however), a new wardrobe, a children's seating area for indoors or outdoors, or a new toy chest - there are many practical pieces of furniture with which both children and parents can be delighted.

Measuring rod for children

Measuring sticks are also always a popular gift for the 1st birthday. With this, both children and parents regularly check the growth of the little ones. Many measuring sticks can be provided with photos, so that also the external development of the child is visible at a glance. A measuring stick, which you can easily make yourself, will be an eye-catcher in your child's room for a long time.

Eating utensils for children

Children usually start eating all by themselves at about one year of age. In this respect, dishes and cutlery for children are great gift ideas. With a personal engraving, the cutlery or tableware gets a very individual touch. Whether made of porcelain or plastic, with funny motifs or without - children's tableware is durable and practical and will possibly always remind the child back to childhood, even in adulthood.

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