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German tap water is of drinking water quality

Tap water is one of the best controlled foodstuffs in Germany. The waterworks extract the drinking water mainly from spring and ground water, filter out most of the pollutants and ensure that the water is regularly checked. In this respect, it is generally considered safe to drink tap water. An exception can apply to old buildings: If there are still old pipes here, residues of lead, cadmium or copper could be present in the water. If you want to be sure that the drinking water is actually safe, you can have a sample tested by a regional drinking water laboratory. If the water is found to be contaminated with pollutants, the landlord is required to replace the water pipes at his own expense.

Water bubbler as an alternative to bottled carbonated mineral water

Those who prefer to enjoy their water carbonated have the option of adding carbon dioxide to their drinking water with the help of a water bubbler. Water bubblers are available in well-stocked supermarkets, household goods departments and stores and are equipped with a corresponding CO2 cartridge, which can be replaced when the carbon dioxide is completely used up.

Advantages of a water bubbler

Even if the savings of a water bubbler compared to a cheap discount mineral water is only noticeable in the long run, a water bubbler has many advantages.

One major advantage of a water bubbler is the ecological aspect. Mineral water bottles - regardless of whether they are made of glass or PET - pollute the environment and natural resources to a lesser extent than the production of water bubblers and cartridges through their filling, transport, and especially the production of the bottles.

There is also no need to lug the bottles or crates around - people who do not live at ground level in particular will appreciate this advantage.

Furthermore, there is no need for space to store the water, which can be limited, especially in small apartments.

Another advantage is that while tap water is always available fresh and cool, it is sometimes difficult, especially with larger containers, to drink the bottles empty before the water tastes stale or the carbon dioxide has escaped.

Disadvantages of a water bubbler

In addition to the space requirements, which could be a problem on the countertop of a small kitchen, apart from the cost of drinking water, the wastewater charges for the dirty water should not be ignored. Nevertheless, the advantages, especially from an ecological point of view, cannot be denied.

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