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Many people consider beautifying their garden by creating a pond. A pond is not only an effective eye-catcher, but also loosens up the overall appearance of the garden and gives it a special atmosphere. If you want to create a garden pond, you must first consider which type of pond is suitable for you. Should it be a classic, a modern, a koi pond, a swimming pond or an ornamental pond? When choosing the type of pond, it depends on what function the pond should have in the first place and how its environment should be designed. Of course, combinations between different pond types are also possible. A fish pond can also be an ornamental pond at the same time, or a swimming pond can be designed in a classic or modern way.

Classic pond, effort and cost estimation

Classic ponds are usually created in an oval shape and is used to keep suitable fish and grow pond plants. For a beautifully designed classic p ond is enough even a small water basin. The only important thing is to ensure the necessary living conditions for fish and plants. To enable fish keeping, the water should be as rich in oxygen as possible, which can be guaranteed, for example, by circulating pumps. In addition, measures must be taken to ensure that the pond does not freeze over in winter.

It is also important for fish keeping to have sufficient water depth to provide retreats for the animals. Pond plants require some care, but they are what make the pond an element of the garden worth seeing in the first place. Think especially of the blooming of water lilies. Fish and plants depend on good oxygen and nutrient conditions and therefore need a lot of sun. It is therefore advisable not to create classic ponds in the shade of buildings and trees. This also saves having to constantly fish leaves out of the water when the leaves fall.

Classic ponds are characterized above all by the fact that they integrate into the natural environment as organically as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to create a smooth transition from the garden to the pond through appropriate planting.

Plannable modern pond

In complete contrast to the classic pond, the modern pond clearly sets itself apart from its surroundings. It sets a visual counterpoint to the garden landscape, so to speak. Therefore, the use of artificial materials, geometric shapes and futuristic designs are not taboo in the modern pond.

Modern ponds are characterized by clean lines and shapes. They form, usually in combination with water features, a design oasis tailored to personal taste. Edging, seating or lounging areas made of wood or stone mark the exterior of the pond. In this way, the garden pond becomes a stylish work of art.

Costs for koi pond or Asian pond

The Asian ornamental carp koi are becoming increasingly popular with pond owners in Europe as well. Although the koi pond is a variant of the ordinary fish pond, it is necessary to take into account some special features.

Koi are not only valuable fish, but also quite demanding in their keeping. For the successful keeping of koi, a relatively large pond is required. Roughly speaking, there should be about 1,000 liters of water for each fish. Koi depend on particularly clear and clean water in the pond, which is why filter systems should be available. Their growth and metabolism depend on it. Good water quality prevents the spread of germs and diseases.

It is also important to provide sufficient depth of the koi pond. This will allow the fish to retreat to warmer regions in the lower water layers during cold winter weather. It is also important to ensure the right water temperature. The temperature should not drop below 4 degrees even in winter and should range between 15 and 25 degrees during the rest of the year. If this is observed, the growth and health of the koi is ensured.

Swimming pond planning

If you would like to swim in your own garden without building a swimming pool, you should think about creating a swimming pond. Unlike the swimming pool, the swimming pond fits into the natural environment.

The construction effort of a swimming pond is relatively low, and moreover, it combines swimming pleasure with garden feeling, quite different from a sterile concrete pool with chlorine smell. In addition, the exact design of the swimming pond is left to one's own taste. Whether oval, round or rectangular, whether delimited by stone slabs or with planting at the edge, you can decide according to your needs.

However, it should be remembered that swimming ponds can be used effectively only if they have sufficient size and depth. To promote the cleanliness of the water, not only a filter system comes into question, but also pond and marsh plants in the shallow water area can make a notable contribution

Water feature, stream or fountain

This mini pond is, of course, the simplest of all in terms of construction effort and investment. There are no limits to creativity and you can create a wonderful natural atmosphere in the smallest space. You can also find some examples here with us.

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