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When the days get darker, the Christmas decorations (advertisement) are brought out of the cellar and the first smell of cookies wafts out of the houses, some of us not only look forward to the contemplative Advent season, but also to the Christmas bonus. If you are one of the lucky ones to receive a Christmas bonus, you can usually look forward to this extra payment in November.

But if you take a close look at the tax deductions on your pay slip, you will find that the Christmas bonus is taxed somewhat more than the rest of your salary. Use our online calculator to find out how much income tax you will have to pay on your Christmas bonus. However, this is only a rough calculation; in individual cases, the deductions may differ.

Once the Christmas bonus has been credited to your account, there's nothing standing in the way of your gift-giving.

Whether with or without Christmas money: At the latest when the first Christmas markets open, we start thinking about what we could give our loved ones for Christmas. An original gift is needed, preferably nothing mundane, no vouchers and certainly no cash.

It's precisely at times like these that our heads suddenly go blank and our otherwise imaginative minds just can't think of anything. Don't worry! Relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea and follow our tips: Then the perfect gift idea will surely come to you quickly!

Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to give a gift to

Take a mental walk through the living room of the person you want to please. Which color is particularly dominant? Which motifs can be found in the living area? The furnishings of an apartment already reveal a lot about the character of its occupant: Is it rather practical and purposeful? If so, it is advisable not to give "dust catchers" as gifts: the person will probably have less to spare for decoration. Practical gifts have a higher value here.

How about a newspaper subscription, for example? The best gift would be one that matches the person's hobby or area of interest, e.g. a gardening magazine. If there is a passion for collecting, it could make sense to expand the existing collection, but for this you would already have to know exactly to what extent the collection is already complete.

Be attentive in conversations with the person you are giving the gift to

Listen carefully when talking to the person you want to gift. Does your niece mention her iPhone? If so, iTunes Store credit might be a sensible gift idea (even if you generally tend to dislike gift certificates). Or does your wife like to listen to audio books? Then how about a subscription to an audiobook publisher (advertisement) which allows her to borrow an audiobook every month for a certain amount (and often gets each additional book at a discount).

If you notice in your interactions with your colleague that their favorite coffee cup is missing a handle, but they still use it every day, then try to re-buy the same cup, demonstrating a keen sense of their needs. Does your mother complain about back pain? Then how about a massage? Many mobile massage services even come to her home! Or a great massage cushion(ad) that can easily be attached to the office chair. Is your girlfriend getting in over her head with the household chores? Why not send her a window cleaner or a cleaning lady to do the spring cleaning. If you're open to household gadgets, you'll surely be happy about a window vacuum cleaner (ad), a food processor (ad) or a vacuum cleaner robot. (Advertisement). So you can certainly think of many other things with which you can make your loved ones happy.

Give away time

How about a visit to the zoo together? Whether children or the young at heart, you could hit the bull's eye with this gift

Whether for a great picnic in the countryside, a joint stroll through the city, a visit to the sauna or cinema or a meal in your favorite restaurant: if you take time for a loved one, this is often the best gift you can give, because basically time - next to health - is our most precious commodity. Give your grandma a day together, for example in her hometown. Go out for a quiet meal, reminisce. Simply enjoy yourself. The time spent together is guaranteed to stay in your memory much longer than any material gift.

Tickets for musical and city trip

You like music? The person you want to give a gift to, too? Then how about a nice evening together in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf.... or even in Vienna or London, including a nice dinner and a visit to a nice musical?

Of course, this gift is not suitable for every wallet, but it guarantees in any case an unforgettable evening in the home or in another great city. Of course, a visit to a musical can also be excellently combined with a city trip, e.g. Hamburg, including an overnight stay. You can find corresponding combination offers on the Internet.

Otherwise, you can order tickets for musicals on event and ticket sites or directly from the provider (almost every musical has its own homepage on the Internet).

If you don't want to dig so deep into your pockets, a voucher book for your hometown is a good idea. Such a book offers the possibility to get to know the gastronomy, museums, theaters or other venues of one's own city even better through special discounts and to save money in the process. For people who like to do something, certainly a great idea.

A quick gift for those on short notice

Even after hours of browsing the internet and this site, you're still completely clueless and just don't know what to give? Then here are a few quick tips that can be given as a gift on any occasion and also suit almost any person:

Garden Furniture Hanging Chair

Such a hanging chair (advertisement) is comfortable, promises a high relaxation factor and stands for pure peace. In addition, unlike the hammock, it can also be optimally installed in the living area - all you need is a stable ceiling and a hammer drill. It's best to order the matching suspension at the same time.

A water pillow

For particularly restful sleep: a pillow that optimally adapts to the body. A luxury that you don't necessarily treat yourself to, but like to give as a gift. Water pill ows (advertisement) are actually filled with water and are therefore particularly cuddly and comfortable.

A pillow with music - the music pillow

Similarly restful, but with additional benefits: A music pillow (advertisement) a thoughtful as well as practical novelty. Who would like to hear in the evening before falling asleep still music or audio books and would like to do without the cable tangle and uncomfortable headphones, is guaranteed to be happy about it. You only need to connect your MP3 player, cell phone or tablet to the pillow, rest your head on the pillow and you won't even disturb your partner sleeping next to you. An ingenious gift idea therefore.

Deco articles

With decorative items you are - if you can estimate the taste of the person to be gifted well - often exactly right. Whether an atmospheric lighting, practical and at the same time chic shelf cubes for the wall or a Buddha for lovers of Asian decorative elements - depending on taste, you can always find the right thing. Women in particular are also happy about practical decorative materials, such as jewelry storage. Among teens, letterboards (display) or light boxes, which can be individually designed, are also currently often in vogue.

Head massage & neck massager with infrared

A head massage spider (advertisement) takes over the job, which is usually done by the hairdresser when washing the hair: The head is massaged extensively. The device is small, handy and very effective. Admittedly, it looks a bit funny, but it serves its purpose.

Ordering a photo with a frame online

Photos can be staged in very different ways. There are many different photo frames available for this purpose. No matter which one you choose, in the age of digital photography, it is always nice not only to save the photos of your loved ones on your PC, but also to know that they are always close to you. Of course, digital photo frames are also suitable for this purpose (advertisement).

Warm feet in winter

Ideal for people with feet that are always cold: slippers that are simply heated in the microwave and thus keep the feet toasty warm for hours - heatable slippers (ad) are simply ingenious! Alternatively, there are also electric foot warmers (display), which can be conveniently plugged into the socket.

Gift tips men - tools

Not only men are happy about tools, also women interested in handicrafts reach more and more for tools. Whether it is a multifunctional Swiss Army knife or a tool box, everyone can actually do something with this.

A magazine subscription

Magazines are one of those things that many people don't treat themselves to regularly, but enjoy reading again and again. In this respect, it is a nice idea to surprise a loved one with a magazine subscription. Depending on the personal interest, it could be a magazine about a hobby - whether soccer, fitness, technology such as computers or computer games, or a "general interest" magazine such as Stern or Spiegel, or a magazine about the latest gossip from the stars and starlets or from the royal families. There should be a suitable magazine for every taste. If you're not sure which topic is of interest to the person you're giving the gift to, a brief conversation with their relatives will quickly shed light on the matter. Magazines on many different topics are also available for children of all ages, e.g. Geolino

A book or audio book

Books go down well with many people because they help them escape from everyday life and immerse themselves in another world. To find the right book, it is a good idea to be inspired by the current bestseller lists.

Gifts for tinkerers

The tinkerer, or hobbyist, is usually a person who is difficult to please. Surely he is happy about a tie or a hamed, but if you want to make his heart really beat faster, you have to come up with something.

Here it is not about making a particularly valuable or modern gift, but much more about giving something that the tinkerer can also do something with. Something that fascinates him and binds his interest. In this case, unusual gifts are the order of the day. Things with which he can occupy himself for a long time and things that give him pleasure. In this case, the gift will also be remembered with pleasure and the event for which it was given will be kept in a good memory. So browse here for unusual things that can make the heart of any tinkerer beat faster, and find them just right. For example, a tinkerer might enjoy a set for building and programming a clever robot (advertisement).

Gift ideas for creative people - craft or painting sets

A friend/acquaintance/mother-in-law..... would love to get creative again, but she lacks the right equipment? Often laziness triumphs over the intention to be creative, this can be remedied with a nice gift. In general, perhaps a craft trolley (ad) would be a great idea, because here the utensils can be stowed quite practical and sorted and are so always handy.

Painting and drawing

So how about a painting set (display), for example, for oil or acrylic painting? In it are some brushes in different sizes, a drawing pad or one or more canvases or Malmlatten, a selection of acrylic or oil paints (at least the basic colors yellow, red, blue, black and white should be there) and a color mixing palette, maybe even a Stafellei, a few spatulas and texture pastes.

This goes well with an instruction book, in which you can find the right suggestions right away. Painting is not only fun, but for many also has a relaxing and (almost meditative) therapeutic effect and helps to restore an inner balance. Who knows, maybe the person receiving the gift will discover a new artistic vein with this gift.

Especially suitable for creative minds who have not yet found a reason to be artistically active. Who himself is not already abundantly equipped with painting utensils, is certainly very happy about such a gift!

Writing and texting

If the creative vein goes more in the direction of writing (stories, poems, novels or letters - even in the age of e-mails one is always happy about a nice letter - etc.), then give away a book on this topic. A beautiful writing pad or a diary and a beautiful fountain pen (can - but does not have to be a noble Mont Blanc) or a fountain pen - ballpoint pen set. Or even a caligraphy set is a good idea for discovering the creative vein. Handlettering is definitely trending right now.

Napkin technique/ decoupage technique

Another nice gift for creative people is a napkin technique or decoupage set. These techniques can be used to embellish everyday objects such as boxes and cartons, flower pots, vases and other things. Provided that this trend has so far passed by the person receiving the gift, such a set could make a nice gift. These usually contain various napkins or decoupage sheets with various motifs, paints for priming, varnishes for fixing the motifs and instructions.

Textile design/ sewing/ crocheting/ knitting

Sometimes long forgotten talents lie dormant in the people you want to give gifts to. These can be lured out by knitting or crochet needles and suitable wool as well as an appropriate instruction book perhaps again. Even a sewing machine and a basic supply of sewing needles, sewing thread and fabrics could spark a new undreamed-of passion.

The Decision Maker

As a boss, you truly have better things to do than deal with unpleasant questions and make unpleasant decisions. How much better use could be made of the time spent brooding and pondering.... the following gift idea, takes this work off the decision maker's hands and is therefore ideal for CEOs, department heads, executives of any kind, shareholders or even politicians who have the necessary sense of humor.

The Decision Maker takes all the decisions away from the boss and gives him the opportunity to spend his time on more important things.

Using the Decision Maker is child's play: ask the question, turn the Decision Maker and the answer presents itself immediately. But beware: this gift could cost you your job, if your boss should execute the decision "fire someone" at you...

For those who are more inclined to make decisions, the chrome decision maker also makes a great paperweight on your desk.

Wellness weekend favorably - last minute Wellness package

Your best friend has birthday? Your sweetheart is frustrated and stressed and deserves a good dose of relaxation? Then a wellness package is just the thing - it's fun, individual and can be adapted to any budget.

Take a nice basket, a glass bowl (e.g. a salad bowl, so the gift becomes multifunctional), or creatively stick a shoe box with wrapping paper, paint it nicely or embellish it with napkin technique. If necessary, put a matching napkin inside and you can start filling the wellness package with the things you need for a perfect wellness day and that simply make life more beautiful.

From a refreshing face mask (also available in portion packs), a hair treatment for weak hair, a fragrant body lotion (depending on your budget, you can of course also buy small sample bottles from the drugstore), to the perfect wellness package.a small sample bottle from the drugstore), bath pearls, bath salts and a face or body scrub, scented candles or scented sticks, a small perfume sample, a book to help you forget about everyday life (e.g. by Sophie Kinsella). B. of Sophie Kinsella, Kerstin Gier or Marian Keyes) up to the Picollo bottle sparkling wine or Prosecco to the naturally obligatory bar chocolate or box Pralinen - no borders are set to the creativity, the package can be extended at will.

With a Wellness package one lies usually exactly correct.

Beauty and wellness and spa

Who likes, can pack still another Quietscheentchen, a bath tub cushion, a sponge or a Massagebürste dazupack or a coupon for Solarium, Sauna, Massage, Kosmetik, Maniküre, Pediküre, swimming pool or Fitness, perhaps also for 2 persons, so one has still something of it. Also an Aloe Vera plant fits super into the Wellness package. A relaxing CD rounds off a perfect wellness day - either pure meditation/wellness or relaxation music, a nice audio book or a CD of your favorite band or singer.

So that it is unmistakable, which purpose the gift lets fulfill, writings can be cut out of clay paper and/or other beautiful paper such as "Wellness", "Relax", "Feel well" or "Enjoy" and be decoratively attached at the gift.

About such a wellness package is certainly happy every woman - whether for a birthday, Easter, as a thank you in between or even for Mother's Day or Christmas: With this gift you are certainly not wrong.

Romantic evening in the bathtub

Just when it is getting uncomfortable outside, the days are getting shorter and shorter and autumn is making its entrance, the bathroom at home offers itself as an oasis of well-being to recharge your batteries and simply let your soul dangle.

If you want to surprise your loved one after a long and stressful day, or after an extensive walk through the autumnal forest or along the raging sea, with little effort, prepare a great feel-good evening in the bathroom.

Romantic candles, quiet music, bath salts and a great cocktail.

This includes candles, which are positioned in all possible (and of course harmless) places in the bathroom, a delicious drink (cocktail/ sparkling wine/ tea/ cappucino or similar.), perhaps the leaves of some roses, in order to embellish the bath water with it and a relaxing CD, which provides for the appropriate background music - naturally also a fragrant bath foam may not be missing.

Of course, the bathrobe should be already pre-warmed ready, and for the "in-the-bathtub readers" the current favorite book. With these preparations, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing feel-good evening.

Wellness at home

The bathing evening could be rounded off with an extensive and gentle massage, which will drive away even the last negative thoughts.

Humorous gifts

Sometimes it should be a gift that makes you laugh, is funny or entertaining. On the Internet you will quickly find what you are looking for.

For example, if you have a portrait of the person receiving the gift, you can have a caricature made of it via the Internet or a local artist.

If you want to give a gift to a woman who knows how to have fun, you might consider the pink women's toolbox, or if the lady is planning a diet, she could be helped by the little refrigerator policeman, who emits threats through a motion sensor whenever she approaches the refrigerator.

Reverse clock - this clock runs counterclockwise, but since the numbers are also arranged differently, the clock is difficult to read only at first glance.

A lot of fun for the next party is promised by the digital bottle opener, which automatically sets itself when a bottle is opened for the first time and then counts along, regardless of whether it is a beer or lemonade bottle and saves the result.

A gift for smokers

Giving a gift to a smoker is not so easy, yet there is enough choice of utensils that will enrich him. However, to please the smoker, you should know his preferences. Does he prefer to smoke a pipe, is his collection still missing a noble piece or is it the tobacco with which you can please him. But accessories such as ashtrays, pipe tampers, tobacco pouches and pipe cleaners are also among the things he needs. The situation is not much different for cigar lovers. Here it may be an exclusive humidor, in which he can store his cigars temperature and humidity accurately.

But it can also be the special cigar ashtray, a cigar scissors or the cigar case for on the road. A high-quality Brasil, Sumatra or Havana would be an ideal gift. But also technical literature about the production of cigars or tobacco cultivation are an appropriate gift for a hobby smoker.

The smoking cessation package

With this gift it should be made easier for a smoker to give up this vice. One does not have to mention here actually extra that it works only to get rid of the smoking, if one wants it also really - otherwise this gift is probably absolutely senseless.

How to stop smoking?
A smoking cessation package could contain, for example, the following:

  • The book "Finally Non-Smoker" by Allen Carr, a world bestseller, which has already helped many people to a smoke-free future. There are, of course, countless other equally helpful books on the subject.
  • A pack of gum or a bar of chocolate as a "substitute satisfaction."
  • Nicotine patches (although not everyone needs them).
  • A relaxation audio CD with nature sounds and instrumental melodies that invite you to relax and switch off.
  • A harmonizing aroma oil with a corresponding aroma lamp - as an alternative, of course, a relaxing bath additive is also possible.
  • A balancing herbal tea
  • An anti-stress ball
  • A piggy bank, because an ex-smoker saves a lot of money!

Why not smoke? Reasons for not smoking

A list of tips on how to make better use of the time gained by not smoking (about 5 minutes per cigarette, that's 60 minutes for just 12 cigarettes!) in the future; for example:

  • learn a new language
  • read more good books
  • do more sports
  • go to the park and feed the ducks
  • watch a DVD
  • visit a museum or an art exhibition

Of course, many of these activities can be done with a cigarette in hand, but that is not the point here. The list is only meant to motivate the future ex-smoker to make better use of his time in the future and to show that you have really thought about it. Of course, you can also expand the list with things that the person can buy in the future with the money saved.

Gifts for intellectuals - impart knowledge & broaden horizons

There are gifts that are exciting and can expand knowledge and horizons. This includes, for example, a chemistry set, but there are also others that expand one's knowledge. "Optics - Adventure Knowledge" is an experimental kit from Kosmos that can be used to answer many questions about light and vision.

"Brockhaus in einem Band" from Brockhaus Verlag leaves hardly any question unanswered. There are answers to 55,000 keywords on more than 1000 pages.

"Can weathermen err?" from Kosmos Verlag is a book that gets to the bottom of exciting weather questions and natural phenomena.

"Das Lexikon des verbotenen Wissens" from Knaur Verlag, humorously deals with the ultimate questions of mankind and reveals, for example, what all is in Coca-Cola.

"How to climb through a postcard. Experiments with Mathematics!" from Herder Verlag shows how mathematics is quite simple. Many experiments to try out help to understand mathematics

Gifts for gamers & gifts for computer freaks and workaholics

The workaholic is just like the computer freak a hard to please gift. Here there are classical gifts, which one gets again and again, coupons for example. These can usually inspire but only limited, unless they are for very special stores.

The real workaholic is happy about things that make his work more pleasant. Here for example

  • the cup warmer,
  • or fan,
  • with USB connection probably already more inspire than a noble ballpoint pen.

Gift ideas for athletes

It is often advisable and useful to get an idea of the hobbies and leisure activities of the person receiving the gift. For many people, sports, be it running or soccer, skiing or swimming, are part of their leisure activities.

A good idea, for example, would be to give an enthusiastic swimmer a pair of swimming goggles or a bath towel.

For a passionate runner, a stopwatch or a heart rate monitor would be a good present for the annual special day.

An active soccer player could be given the latest soccer ball or a sports bag. Also a jersey of the favorite team or a stadium subscription should surely provide for a joyful face with the jubilarian.

And if you can't think of a suitable gift, there is still a good solution: a voucher for a sports store.

Globetrotter travels and globetrotter travels

Are you looking for a gift for someone who sees the way as the real goal?..A gift that is more than just a directional compass?

People who seek their fortune in faraway places should be well prepared for any situation. Whether bad weather, survival in the open air or the preparation of a meal. Especially on the road does not have to do without everything. Good planning as well as the right accessories are the be-all and end-all of an extended trip.

Saying goodbye to a person you like also always means letting go of a piece of yourself. Make yourself and those around you happy, so that even far away you think of each other.

Finger food cold buffet make yourself

Have you had enough of the traditional potato salad with bockwürstchen or roast goose on Christmas Eve and want to please your loved ones at Christmas with a special kind of feast?

Then I suggest you invite them to a cold buffet for a change. Admittedly, such a buffet is a lot of work and you should also have a little knowledge of cooking - but the joy of your loved ones will be priceless. Because - let's be honest - potato salad and sausages are quite nice, but there are also delicious alternatives that make the Christmas celebration a culinary highlight.

cold or warm buffet self made.(Source:oak media GmbH)

Ideas for cold buffet - Suggestions for cold buffet Christmas

Whether cold or warm the selection of finger food is large.(Source:oak media GmbH)

For example, mini meatballs, pork medallions, chicken thighs, delicatessen salads, deviled eggs, canapes, asparagus-ham rolls, grape/cheese skewers, baguettes, herb curd cheese and fish in different variations - all nicely decorated and arranged, will surely make your mouth water for you and your loved ones.

Thus, at Christmas you take the work off your loved ones (save yourself the gift search, if necessary) and make your loved ones a not everyday, very personal and exclusive gift. I bet they'll be thrilled and want to hire you as a caterer for their next party.

Gifting animals: Not recommended in many cases

At some point, the desire arises in every child: A pet of their own should come into the house. But whether dog, cat, rabbit or mouse: Such a "living" gift should be well considered.

Even if they still look so sweet, should be consideredbefore the acquisition, whether you can really bear the responsibility that brings an animal. So many questions need to be addressed prior to acquisition:

Questions to ask yourself before acquiring a pet:

  • Is the landlord okay with keeping pets?
  • Could the neighbors feel bothered by the noise, so that a long-term neighborhood dispute or relocation would be inevitable?
  • Is there someone at home who can take care of the animal, even during vacation time or when overtime is called for, or if the professional situation changes?
  • Can all the needs of the animal be met? A guinea pig needs an enclosure with enough space to run around: Commercial cages are usually not appropriate for animals.
  • Budgies or rabbits in the apartment: If you want your animals (especially rabbits or budgies) the whole day out or "free flight" to allow. "free flight", then one will have to say goodbye possibly to the desire that the dwelling is always squeaky clean and the pieces of furniture remain intact.

A pet is a bad gift

As an outsider, who perhaps only means well with the gift of an animal, one often cannot estimate these aspects at all and brings the bestowed person into the difficult situation of turning his life completely upside down because of the animal. Who is ready for it, has itself usually already a domestic animal acquired and does not wait for it to be presented with a domestic animal.

The animal sponsorship - active animal protection with sponsorship for animals

Sponsorships for the most diverse animals offer many animal parks and zoos.

An animal brings not only joy and fun, but costs also money (not only for fodder and if necessary accessories, but also veterinary costs, which should not be underestimated) and time and restricts the life. Even if it sounds hard: If in doubt, an animal is certainly better off in a shelter. If you want to give an animal lover a gift, you can give, for example, a membership in the animal shelter, an animal sponsorship (offered by many animal shelters), a voucher for riding lessons or vacation on the farm.

Who would like itself not to be diverted from the desire to give away an animal nevertheless, should itself BEFORE with the person which can be given away co-ordinate and exactly inform, which needs the desired animal has and like it kind-fairly is held, in order to weigh whether these requirements can be really fulfilled. In addition it does not only belong to inform in the animal need trade (where one is usually primarily on conversion and only secondarily on the well-being of the animals considered), but also books to read and/or domestic animal forums (offerer example: or offerer example: or offerer example: ) to visit.

You can also find more information on this topic here

Recipes for bread baking machine - bread to bake yourself

Attention, some people react allergic to all gifts that have even remotely to do with household or kitchen! For this type of women, the following gift is certainly not suitable, then you should rather try your luck in the perfume, jewelry or flower store.

However, if the person to be given a gift (can of course also be a man) has a breadmaker in the kitchen that is slowly but surely gathering dust, then a book with recipes for the breadmaker might be the right thing. There are now many different books with delicious and sometimes exotic recipes that bring back some momentum in the bread basket and on the breakfast table.

Who has desire, can write naturally also own prescriptions, bind and give away - makes more work, is however also very individual!

Gift idea: Wine Seminar - Become a wine connoisseur at the wine tasting.

Looking for a gift for wine connoisseurs you are missing besides the obligatory bottle of wine, a decanter set and perhaps beautiful wine glasses an unusual idea? How about a wine seminar?

If you want to know more about the vastness of the wine world, always wanted to know where which wine grows, what the most important grape varieties are called and what wine styles there are, you can learn this in a wine seminar. Some VHS schools also offer wine seminars.

Of course, many suitable books on the subject can also be found.

Gift for a cook - gourmet gift for amateur chef

What do you give to people who love to cook? A cookbook? Good, but kind of boring. New utensils? Are probably available. Ingredients? Yes!

What amateur or professional cooks can always use are herbs. So, for example, you could buy fresh herbs in pots (you can find them in the vegetable section of any supermarket - so parsley, chives, basil and dill, for example), plant them in a nice ceramic or stainless steel pot (or several pots).

In addition you buy a noble oil and a vinegar, Pesto or dips, which you find in the delicatessen department in the supermarket - a super selection of exclusive ingredients I have discovered in addition on (supplier example: - in addition you can still put a cookbook, e.g. of Jamie Oliver, Tim Mälzer or Ralf Zacherl, possibly still a fancy apron in addition. Arrange everything together nicely in a basket and wrap it with cellophane paper - and the self-made gift basket for the hobby chef is ready.

If you like, you can of course add a practical kitchen gadget to the gourmet package, such as an asparagus peeler, kitchen tongs, a mortar, a knife block, kitchen scales or a selection of exclusive spices.

Gift tip: Puzzle as a gift

Craft a matching birthday card to go with the puzzle!

Why don't you give away a puzzle as a gift? Puzzling stimulates the logical thinking and combination ability, relaxes and is fun. Depending on your taste, you can choose between landscape, animal, art, comic and fantasy motifs. Whether the presentee likes cities like Rome, New York, London or San Fransicso or is a fan of Lord of the Rings, Walt Disney movies, Twilight or Star Wars... there is the right puzzle for every taste. Also special formats such as 3D puzzle, wooden puzzle or cube puzzle there are en masse.

Gift idea Photo Puzzle or 3D Puzzle

An even more beautiful and individual gift for puzzle enthusiasts is a photo puzzle. For this, you print out a self-shot photo in the desired size, stick it on a stable cardboard base and cut it into any small puzzle pieces.

There are also many photo services (also on the Internet!), which produce a puzzle from a photo sent in - this then looks a bit more professional and is probably a bit more stable than the homemade version.

A very extravagant puzzle: a stainless steel puzzle globe, which will certainly look great on the boss's desk and help the person receiving the gift to relax after a stressful meeting. This puzzle is not only nifty, but looks great too!

Great gifts for chess players

If the person receiving the gift loves to play chess, you're sure to find what you're looking for in the numerous online stores that offer everything a chess enthusiast's heart desires.

You will find books, software, videos for learning and optimizing strategy, exclusive chess boards and chess pieces, and of course chess clocks.

Collectors often see fancy chess boards with creative chess pieces made of glass, metal, wood or plastic in every conceivable size.

For those who still lack a suitable opponent, perhaps a chess computer or a subscription to an online chess service is the right gift. But beware, don't pick a chess computer that is too expensive, the complexity of handling usually grows with the price.

Car driving safety training - safety training for novice drivers

Anyone who is the proud owner of a freshly printed driver's license and, optimally, a drivable vehicle, will be delighted with this gift. To get the necessary safety practice, experience alone is often not enough. For this reason, the ADAC, for example, offers driver safety training courses for various groups of people (e.g. young drivers, senior citizens, etc.).

On the ADAC homepage, members of the automobile club can order a voucher for a safety training course (e.g. basic car training), which is sure to please the novice driver. In this way, the young driver gets to know his vehicle better and learns to control it even in difficult situations, while still having a lot of driving fun.

Who would like to make the young passenger car driver an additional joy, gives away additionally a ADAC membership, so that the driving fun is not clouded also in case of a breakdown.

This is also a nice and, above all, sensible gift idea for someone who has passed an examination, e.g. for their school-leaving certificate.

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