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Any plastic that comes into contact with food should meet the highest quality requirements and be free of e.g. hazardous plasticizers. Tritan drinking bottles, for example, fully meet these requirements, as this type of drinking bottle is plastic drinking bottle that is free of harmful substances. However, Tritan drinking bottles are not only products that do not pose a health risk, but also combine those properties with a practical design and weight lightness, which is why they are totally in vogue.

You can currently buy Tritan drinking bottles in any well-stocked online store - with the help of our free and independent online calculator, we would like to show you a few options of how and where you can purchase inexpensive Tritan drinking bottles.

The practical Tritan bottles cost calculator

This is how the practical cost calculator for Tritan drinking bottles works Simply enter your individual requirements for your desired Tritan drinking bottle into the free online calculator at - e.g. in terms of filling volume, color, type of closure and other extras.

Let us show you all the offers available from the manufacturer Tritan on the net and also use the practical filter functions of our Tritan drinking bottles online calculator - with the help of these you can display the cheapest and most popular drinking bottles (also in alphabetical order) with just a few clicks.

The function sort by is available in the free calculator especially for this purpose. The cost calculator then displays all the Tritan drinking bottles that match your individual search requirements, which you can then find out more about in the attached product data sheets.

What advantages Tritan plastic drinking bottles offer you

Tritan drinking bottles are primarily made of a pollutant-free material (the Tritan plastic), which is free of harmful BPA as well as plasticizers and is thus both odorless and tasteless. Thus, the drinking bottles perfectly withstand direct sunlight without potential components in the plastic dissolving or affecting the taste of the drinking bottle contents.

Furthermore, thanks to their ergonomically adapted design, Tritan drinking bottles are also easy to grip and visually appealing - the recessed grip so characteristic of Tritan drinking bottles ensures a secure hold in the hand. The approx. 4-centimeter drinking opening also ensures that the bottle's contents can be filled or drunk quickly and easily.

In addition, the practical design of the Tritan drinking bottles also ensures that the drinking bottles are particularly easy to clean in the dishwasher. Tritan drinking bottles are also available in different variants such as drinking cups, portable mixers and sports bottles and can be selected in almost countless designs and colors.

Alternatives to Tritan drinking bottles

A popular alternative to Tritan drinking bottles are, for example, Kavodrink drinking bottles, which are also made of health-friendly plastic. In addition to drinking bottles, natural cosmetics such as environmentally friendly shampoos or alkaline body care products are also in vogue in the area of environmental and health products.

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