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Burial method EUR
Funeral services EUR
Grave site EUR
coffin program EUR
Gravestone EUR
Initial transfer EUR
Second transfer EUR
Transfer outside office hours, weekend or holiday EUR
Flowers EUR
Funeral orator (priest/pastor) EUR
Obituary EUR
Other costs EUR
Open laying out including farewell room EUR
Sea burial ride EUR
Decoration chapel EUR
Crematorium & Medical Officer EUR
Funeral service organist EUR
Additional efforts due to corona infection EUR
Death certificate fee EUR
Air conditioning room/ mortuary EUR
Other costs EUR
Platzhalter1 EUR
Platzhalter2 EUR
Platzhalter3 EUR
Platzhalter4 EUR
Platzhalter5 EUR
Platzhalter6 EUR
Total cost funeral EUR

Calculate funeral costs

Around 900,000 people die each year within the Federal Republic of Germany. In purely statistical terms, this means that a member of one's own family dies every 18 years.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are about 5,500 funeral homes in Germany (as of 2021) that perform funerals of various kinds and types. The annual turnover of the industry sometimes amounts to around 2.20 billion euros. The most common types of burial in Germany still include burial in the ground and cremation.

In the following paragraphs the average costs of a funeral in Germany are to be pointed out once and how these can be computed now completely simply.

Average costs of a burial

For the bereaved, deaths in one's own family often mean not only grief, pain and loss, but also an organizational and financial challenge.

The first step is usually to go to a mortician. Both organizational and financial aspects are clarified, such as the expected costs for the funeral.

In Germany, these amount to an average of 7,000 to 8,000 euros (excluding follow-up costs such as gravestone maintenance, cemetery fees, etc.). Anonymous cremation is often a much cheaper alternative.

Durchschnittliche  Bestattungskosten auf

Book the PREMIUM funeral cost calculator now

Here, funeral homes can now also find a practical funeral cost calculator, which can be used to calculate the expected costs in advance online, depending on the type of funeral.

The free and non-binding online calculator takes the following criteria into account when calculating the funeral costs:

  • the type of funeral
  • the type of funeral service
  • the type of gravesite
  • the coffin program
  • Costs for the first transfer
  • costs for floristry
  • costs for the laying out
  • and further costs (public health officer, death certificate, funeral orator, additional expenses in case of corona infection)

Different average costs are stored in the tool for the individual selection options. Through the selection, the expected total costs of the funeral can now be calculated with a few clicks and displayed under TOTAL COSTS.

In doing so, the prices and services can be customized directly in a database online without changing the code.

Customize funeral calculator

Of course, the existing calculator tool can be filled with the individual service offers of the funeral home. Customization to the funeral home's actual service rates is also possible.

The funeral cost calculator can either be made available to potential customers or used to create price quotes. In addition, other practical calculator tools for a wide variety of applications can be found on these pages!





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