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You have a garden pond with beautiful water lilies and fish? You enjoy the spectacle of nature and love it when the water splashes? You have created an oasis of well-being and do everything to keep it that way. This includes circulating the pond water to keep the oxygen content at a normal level. This does not necessarily require a pump to run at full power all day, because nature does most of the work itself. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to mix the water every now and then. Then animals and plants will be better off. The pumps ensure that the water is crystal clear and ultimately that the fish that live in the pond can also be seen.

Simple pond pump calculator

Teichpumpe ufpOur pond pump online calculator will help you at this point, namely to calculate how to size a pond pump for your purposes. Using the freely adjustable circulation cycles, the tool calculates the size of the pond pump. To do this, simply enter the volume of water held in your pond in liters and how often the water should be circulated, within a unit of time. The result of the calculator is then the required pump capacity, which is given in liters per hour. Once you have the result, you can start looking for the right pump that is suitable for your pond and the animals in it. For this, a price comparison on the Internet and a test result, which says something about the quality of pond pumps, will also definitely help.

Which pond pump is the right one?

You can find them in any hardware store. Pond pumps for your garden. But which pump is the best for my pond? This asks itself in the first warm spring days again some pond owners. There are plenty of attractive offers in the garden departments of DIY stores. What should one decide on? Is a pure pond pump price comparison enough? Probably not. We go to the bottom of the matter. Based on our years of experience in the field of pond construction, we can give valuable tips on what you should look for when buying pond pumps.

The pond pump quality

We generally advise against cheap pond pumps from the hardware store. The probability that there will be problems later with a "cheap pump" is extremely high. Pond pump quality and service in the specialized trade prevail in the long term. If you should decide nevertheless for the inexpensive building market product, they pay attention to the following characteristics with the purchase:

  • Volume: Does your pond pump have a pleasant volume? With cheap offers it can come at worst even to sleep disturbances, while the pond pump rattles unstoppable in the night.
  • Warranty conditions: How long is warranty given on the device: In most cases, you can expect 12 months. High quality pond pump dealers, on the other hand, more often offer 24 or even 36 month pump warranties.
  • Pump power: What power is stated on the pond pump and what does it actually have? Often what it says is not in the package at the same time. Nail the salesperson at the hardware store (if there is anyone there to advise you at all ).
  • Experience: Browse briefly on the Internet before buying, there are negative reports of experience with the brand or even no reports at all - this often speaks for a completely new product, whose manufacturer often disappeared from the market just as quickly as he was there. Thus, any warranty claims will rarely be enforceable.
  • Service: Does the seller also advise you with regard to your pond fish? Not every pump is suitable for every pond fish. Koi in particular require extremely clean pond water, otherwise diseases can quickly develop.
  • Accessories: Pay attention to the accessories. With cheap pond pump offers is often earned over the accessories. Here a cable, there a bracket or extension and you quickly pay 20-30 percent more.
  • Filter system: How long does the filter last? How exactly and at what intervals does the cleaning take place? How high are the costs for the renewal of the filters and above all, are the filters really available in every hardware store or do you first have to scurry through the "Internet" to find a dealer for your "special pond pumps"? The consultant should be able to answer all these questions for you without any problems.
  • Energy consumption: cheap pond pumps often have an immense power consumption. In the age of constant increases in electricity prices, a pond pump should offer the lowest possible power consumption. For small garden ponds with hardy native fish, even a solar pond pump may suffice. But again, don't opt for the cheapest product.

High-quality pond pumps and pond filters or pond filter systems can of course also be found here in our marketplace.

Teichpumpe Seerose Pond pumps are indisputably part of a well-functioning pond. The pumps that are used today are almost without exception propeller pumps. These propeller pumps have the advantage that they are insensitive to dirt and require relatively little maintenance or cleaning. You can run them for a long time without having to clean them. When buying a pond pump, you should consider several now aspects. Since the pond pumps are likely to run around the clock, one should look for a good longevity of the pumps, but also the energy consumption is the focus here, so you should definitely look for energy-saving pumps. Because if they run day and night can have a big impact on costs such as electricity consumption. The choice of the right pond pump also depends on the water volume of the pond as well as the type of pond. For larger ponds and their water volume, of course, more powerful pumps are needed. It also depends on how many water plants and the like are present. Here you should always get an individual offer from a specialist. When setting up and installing the pump, you should take the help of a professional, because of the electricity in combination with water can have devastating consequences. Fish ponds, plant ponds or swimming ponds should each use different pumps that are designed for their purpose. The water clarity of a pond is also a factor to consider. There are different pumps that offer a different quality of performance in this regard.

Cost of solar pond pumps

For example, the newer technology also makes solar pond pumps possible. The advantage, of course, is essentially that you can save on energy and electricity costs, and also that you are freer from the tangle of plug wires. However, it is clear that when the sky is overcast, the pumping power of the solar pump is limited. Also, the power output of a solar pond pump is lower, but for smaller ponds a possible alternative. The offers of solar pumps start from about 40 euros, upwards there is little limit, you can of course buy for a few hundred euros.

Cost pond pumps and cables (accessories)

The cost of power cable operated pumps start at about 60 euros, but again, upwards the prices are open. The decision to be made is the choice of submersible pumps, which are located in the water, or external pumps, which are located outside the pond. External pumps are usually high-performance pumps and create much more water volume, up to 60 000 liters per hour, but the energy costs increase when using them.

Pond pumps, respectively pond filters usually consist of a rotor, a pumping chamber and an electric motor. For the garden pond very often used propeller rotors, which are characterized by the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. Furthermore, most pond pumps are surrounded by a strainer that prevents small animals and larger dirt particles from entering. Otherwise, the suction line could be clogged by falling leaves, for example.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of accessories for the pond pumps, or to complement them, for example, outflowers, which ensure an oxygen supply and thus optimal pond aeration. Very often, outflow stones are used, which are mostly made of ceramic. For ornamental ponds are also very popular water feature pumps and fountains.

There are different types of pumps on the market. Dry pumps have the disadvantage that they must be installed on a dry surface and necessarily protected from the action of water. Combination pumps, on the other hand, are designed for both dry and water use. Submersible pumps are also called submersible pumps because they perform their function below the water surface.

Observe optimal pond pump delivery rate

When buying a pond pump, you should pay attention to the highest possible flow rate. The flow rate is usually indicated on the package and is calculated by liters per hour. In addition, the delivery head as well as the piping is crucial for the quality, as these two criteria can possibly affect the delivery rate.

Of course, when buying a pond pump should also pay attention to the noise and durability. Basically, you should buy at a good price-performance ratio. Since a pond pump is usually in continuous operation, the power consumption should also be considered. Nowadays, there are also pumps that are powered by solar energy. Photovoltaics are used in particular for smaller water features. Since the solar-powered pond systems usually have a battery buffer, the devices usually work even during twilight, or at night.

Pond filter prices

The price of a pond filter, respectively a pond pump depends on the general quality, the type of processing and especially also on the pumping capacity. Pond pumps that filter about 1,000 to 5,000 liters per hour are available from around 50 euros. However, pumps with the same performance are also available for 300,- Euro or considerably more. If you only have a small garden pond, a pump with a filter capacity of 1,000 liters per hour or less may be sufficient. A pond pump for 400 liters can be had for less than 20 euros. If you have a small pond and would like to enjoy a water feature, you can also find very inexpensive models in stores that often cost no more than 20 euros.

The use of a pond pump is generally useful for ponds that are stocked with fish. In the case of a garden pond with only a small stock of goldfish and sufficient planting, it may be possible to dispense with a pond filter or to choose a pump with a lower capacity.

However, if you want to put a lot of fish in a pond, then a pond pump is indispensable in most cases. If koi are kept in the body of water, then the purchase of a filtration system is obligatory anyway. Which pond pump is most suitable depends on the nature of the water. For example, submersible pumps should not be installed in a swimming pond under any circumstances, as there is a danger to life in the event of a short circuit.

Pond pumps in winter or frost

It is recommended to remove the pond pump from the water in winter and store it protected from frost. The pond filter system should be filled and stored under water at the same time. Otherwise, the seals could dry out. Before this, it is advisable to check the pump. Here, the pump housing is cleaned and checked for defects. In addition, the electrical wiring should be inspected for damage.

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