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How much soap and soap bars do you need? - Calculate Now

Persons in the household/company
Number of hand washing operations per person per day
Amount per washing (ml) - 2 ml per stroke
Contents of a bottle of liquid soap (ml)
Price per bottle in EUR
Contents of one package of solid soap (1 bar of soap) (g)
Quantity per washing cycle (g)
Price per bar of soap in EUR
This is how long a bottle lasts in days
Bottles needed per month
Costs per month in EUR
Range of a bar of soap in days
Pieces of soap needed per month
Costs per month in EUR

What you need to know now about proper hand hygiene

Not only the current Corona epidemic, but also the annual flu epidemic requires extra mindful hand hygiene. Although disinfectants are in extreme demand during epidemics, soap is also very effective in preventing the spread of viruses.

Pall Thordarson, a chemistry professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, recently explained that soap is even more effective against viruses than disinfectants because it attacks and dissolves the protective lipid layer of viruses. Disinfectants, on the other hand, are appropriate when there is no possibility of washing hands, for example when traveling.

Anyone who now finds themselves at a loss in front of empty disinfectant shelves in pharmacies need not worry in this respect: soap is just as suitable.

Soap consumption: How much soap is needed per household or at work

Especially when all family members are at home at the same time, a household's soap consumption increases. But roughly how much soap does a household need per month? Just calculate it above in our soap calculator!

Calculate number of washes and amount of liquid soap used per wash.

Assuming that each family member uses the toilet about 5 times per day and then washes their hands, in addition before meals and as needed in between, we can assume at least 8 hand washing procedures per day.

If liquid soap from the soap dispenser is used, the consumption is about 2 ml per stroke. Depending on how many strokes are taken, this increases to, for example, 4 or 6 ml per wash. So, for example, for a family of 5 staying at home all day, the soap consumption is a bottle of 250 ml - this will last for about 3 days.

Solid soap in a bar as an alternative to liquid soap in a soap dispenser

Considering the amount of packaging waste generated by liquid soap, the use of solid soap is definitely the better alternative from an ecological point of view, and soap in a bar is also worth it from a cost perspective. But what about hygiene?

The German Advisory Center for Hygiene (BZH) in Freiburg was able to give the all-clear on this: Due to the unfavorable environment, germs do not survive long on the soap. On the contrary, since germs can also settle in the pump dispenser of soap dispensers, they can even be more unhygienic. It is more important to rub the hands thoroughly when soaping up and then rinse the soap completely under running water. The temperature of the water is not relevant.

The washing process should last at least 20 seconds and the drying with finally take place with a clean towel. Solid soap is thus not only more environmentally friendly, more productive and less expensive than liquid soap, but also just as effective as the latter.

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