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Simplified cooling usage calculation

Usage type
Area to be cooled
Power of the cooling system (estimated)

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Compact air conditionersThe complete air conditioning technology is located directly in the housing and dissipates warm air through the device through the windowCome to use, for example, in wall or window installations, where the equipment can be installed directly in them
Split unitsRepresent two-part installations that have a separate ventilation system. The unit is located indoors, the drive compressor outdoors. Through a hose connection, the warm air from the interior gets outsideBecause of higher cooling capacity and lower working noise for private use and for offices or medical practices suitable
Multi-split unitsRepresent split systems with multiple ventilation accesses at the same time, which can be installed on a single compressor (outside)Ideal for cooling down multiple rooms at the same time through only one room air conditioner

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