Power Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice power calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

3 Phase Power Calculator Watt

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With this calculator you can calculate the power in watts in a 3 phase three phase current

| Status: free to use

Calculate line cross section

Calculate wire calculation three phase current, wire calculation alternating current cable calculator

Calculates for direct current, alternating current and three-phase current the wire cross-section for power cables in mm² for copper wires, aluminum wires, gold wires and silver wires.

Topics: Electrics, Electrical Engineering, Building Services, Construction, Engineers, Converter, Convert | Status: free to use

Power calculator watts

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Calculates the power in watts and in kiloWatts

| Status: free to use

Calculate PV inverter sizing

Calculate how many solar inverters per PV system, inverter power comparison Gre inverter calculation

Here you can calculate the generator power and the voltage range of a photovoltaic inverter.

Topics: Building & Living, Building Services, Electrics, Electricity, Photovoltaics | Status: free to use

Calculate cost infrared heating

Calculate ,  infrared heating cost calculator

Small calculation tool for calculating the design of an infrared heating system or power heating or also called electric heating.

Topics: Building & Living & Heating | Status: free to use

Air conditioner calculation

Calculate calculate cooling load, calculator air conditioning cooling load calculator

Simple online calculator for air conditioning costs, air conditioner costs and consumption including air conditioning technology guide.

Topics: Building Services, Air Conditioning, Cooling, Ventilation, Building, Living, Homes, Technology, Heating, Power, Energy | Status: free to use

Cost comparison showering and bathing with natural gas

Here you can compare the annual costs for bathing and showering with a natural gas-powered water heater.Topics: Energy | Status: free to use

Calculate the fuel consumption for your trip on vacation

If you want to go on vacation as a self-caterer with your own car, you can find out here what food you should take with you and what costs you should plan for refueling.Topics: Leisure, Vacations, Vehicles Costs, Gasoline Costs, Power, Energy | Status: free to use

Powerbank test calculator: calculate cell phone battery charges

How long does it take to charge a cell phone battery with a powerbank.

Topics: Free Time, Cell Phones | Status: free to use

Emergency Generator Fuel Consumption Calculator

Calculate generator emergency power, emergency generator fuel consumption calculation guide. generator power consumption calculation

Calculator for calculating diesel/gasoline consumption by an emergency generator.

Topics: Homes Automation, Electricity, Save Energy, Emergency, Technology | Status: free to use